October 18, 2021

DB Super Episode 68 best secretsaiyan predictions

Following article is carrying a prediction of the episode 68 of dragon ball super. You are in the best site of dragon ball super and reading the best predictions.

Episode 67 ended with Zamasu finally dieing and future Trunks returning back to future world. If we see the sets of events regarding Zamasu or this future trunks arc we will conclude that this arc was having the most distruction than any other arc in dragon ball series. Many of the gods were dead too, including all the kais.
So when all the things settles down and Zamasu was defeated everyone felt an emergence of dragon balls to fulfil there wishes.
Goku wanted king kai to be revived by the dragon balls after all he was the mentor of Goku for the longest period if time.
Like everytime captain pilaf and his gang just wanted more money. Pilaf will plan to steal the dragon balls but will be unsuccessful. Android 18 will be holding a briefcase full of money. Master Roshi will also try to get some pretty girls for him with the help of dragon balls. Even beerus sama will try to adjust his share. Gohan will be shown parenting in some scenes. Pilaf will interfere again and again. Master Roshi will do as same. Oolong will be shown opposing Goku’s plan of reviving king kai. Finally shenron will be summoned and he will be confused, whose wish he should grant.

Resources say that this episode will not be having any start of the new arc. To know the story and information regarding the upcoming arc wait for our next article or let us know what you feel, the upcoming arc should be like.

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