September 23, 2021

Secret Saiyan is a Dragon Ball Z fan site, which was founded by Mike Sandoval on 2002. SS has always been known for its large collection of high quality images. However, this website was mainly popular due to it’s constant updates about first DBZ Budokai games that were released for the Play Station 2. A lot of fans would come to this website, and leave many comments in our updates. Soon, a forum was installed into the website and a lot of the commenters ended up becoming moderators, who would provide news for the website. The news section of the forum was being loaded into our main page. In the past, Secret Saiyan has been aknlowledged by Atari and IGN.

Why Secret Saiyan had shut down

There’s quite a few reasons as to why SS had shut down. As soon as the last English episode of DBZ aired in the U.S., Secret Saiyan lost a lot of popularity. This website went from 2000 unique visitors a day to like about 500. Soon, the 500 kept dropping and dropping. The drop of visitors made the forum innactive and not many people on the internet were searching for DBZ-related content. People stopped searching for DBZ content. because too many individuals were getting too excited about Naruto. On top of that, the new trend for fan sites was to stream videos, and disregard information. Even if we wanted to stream videos, all the episodes of DBZ had already aired, and we didn’t want to include content of any series that is not related to Dragon Ball. We have always kept it strictly Dragon Ball-related, and you will never hear about other types of anime in this website.  The streaming of videos didn’t encourage people to read our information, and this had screwed us up quite a bit. Hosting a lot videos has always been a bit pricey, by the way. Also, Dragon Ball Z games weren’t being released for a very long time, which gave us less things to post about.

Why Secret Saiyan is back

I, Mike, really missed having a website. When Dragon Ball Xenoverse was announced, it reminded me of the old days, when I used to post news. There were many times were I had found great news, and was unable to post them because my website wasn’t online. Also, I noticed that most of the popular DBZ websites had closed down, and I wanted to bring back Secret Saiyan, so that people could have a reliable source of news and high quality images. One day I woke up and found out that Akira Toriyama was working on a new series: Dragon Ball Super. I was super excited to hear about DB Super, and soon it made me realized that this website has a new purpose, to come back and provide awesome information and updates. Now that my writing has improved by a lot, the old information of SS will be revamped and be made more interesting for readers. Additionally, there will be a lot of information about the upcoming Dragon Ball Super episodes. As a webmaster, I have always been very ambitious and have always wanted my website to be #1. To me, competition is awesome and I brought back SS to compete with the leftover DBZ fan sites.

Can I help out Secret Saiyan?

You are more than welcomed to apply to be a staff member, and specially if you used to help this website. So far, DarkShuyin and Kid Buu are back to help out SS, and the rest of the old staff members are greatly missed. If you happen to find a news about an upcoming DBZ game, or something related to Dragon Ball Super, you may post about it in the website.

e-mail: [email protected]

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