February 28, 2021

Dragon Ball Super 67 Full Episode and Summary

dragon ball super zamasu

Episode 66 ends with Future Trunks killing fusion Zamasu and dividing him in two pieces. This episode starts with the continuation of where the previous episode left off.  Zamasu died by saying ” Impossible….. This is…… A God losing to a mortal. This cannot happen. ” Then Zamasu started laughing and after that he exploded. Everyone congratulates Trunks of his victory, and  including Vegeta. But the enjoyment didn’t lasted long and a powerful black and red colored beam occurred from the place where Zamasu died. This beam expanded to the sky and making gas clouds of dark green color that covered the entire earth. These clouds were having face of Zamasu with red glowing eyes visible from the ground. Suddenly, Zamasu in clouds started some sort of blasts from his eyes which killed all the common people that were left on the earth. Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks used their powers against the cloud but were unsuccessful.

Goku and Vegeta were unable to become super saiyan blue. The entire earth was having the same clouds with the face of Zamasu in them. Soon the red radiation of the clouds started covering the rest of the universe. They all thought of fighting and Goku said that he wanted a senzu bean. While Goku was searching for a senzu bean somewhere in his clothes, he came across the purple button, which is used to summon Zeno. Goku asked Supreme Kai about King Zeno’s existence. Supreme Kai said that King Zeno cannot be defeated no matter who the opponent is. Goku pressed the button to call Zeno and he appeared like the same way he appears ( like a doll falling from the sky). He was not having any bodyguards. He was unable to remember Goku. He asked “who are you?, what happened to this world?”  and other questions like that. ( I Think this just clearly indicates that he didn’t remember Goku but later in the same episode it was shown that present king Zeno remembered Goku very well. That means Goku will be dead in the future very soon. That might disappoint many fans. But it is probably the truth.)

Goku asked Zeno to erase Zamasu form this world, who destroyed it completely. Zeno said that this world should not exist any longer. Zeno did some sort of attack and destroyed the universe without any further warning. Supreme Kai and Gowasu rushed to the past (actually the present). Goku told Bulma to start the time machine and as they were leaving, Goku and Vegeta holded the legs of time machine. In the next frame, they reached past and every one was happy to see them. As time machine was landing, Goku fell down with Vegeta perfectly standing on the ground. I don’t know what they wanted to show. ( Probably they wanted to tell that Goku is now a grandfather!). Goku told Bulma to start the time machine to take him to future again. Trunks said that he will drive that time machine for Goku instead of Bulma. The two of them arrived in future. The whole world was pink and glittering, Zeno king was visit from a distance. Goku told Zeno that he will take him to a better world. The there of them stared the time machine to go in past again. When they arrived there in past even beerus greeted Zeno king. Goku asked supreme kai to take them to present king Zeno’s world. By seeing that ‘Goku’ has arrived Present Zeno king moved towards him. Goku took the hands of the two zeno kings and made them shake hands. Both together shouted ‘ Let’s play ‘. Two Zeno kings were happy together. Goku was smiling too. Then it was dinner time. Everyone was eating together in capsule corp’s laboratory. Including including beerus. Zeno king scene was over. Whis them tells that there is a way future trunks cam get back to future. They can go to the world before it was erased. Beerus interrupted by saying that will just end up with creating more time rings. Bulma questioned that by doing that we have to kill Zamasu and all hat stuff again. Whis further explained that this time he will tell the future beerus sama to take care of the kais and don’t let them die. ( if all the kais of a universe are dead ultimately the God of distribution of the universe will die.) Goku questioned that even beerus sama wil not be able to kill immortal Zamasu. Whis says that he has a much better technique than sealing in urn. Goku’s facial expression simply tells that why beesus sama was not helping them then? If he were having a technique like that? Beesus tells that they must not rely on gods everytime. Whis tells the only problem in this was that there will be two of future trunks and Mai in the future. But they agreed on this condition. The he episode ended will a emotional scene where trunks and Mai were leaving for the future again. Goku told trunks that he is now strong enough to defend himself and the world from the evil. Vegeta tried punching trunks in order to test him, and trunks blocked that punch with his one hand. Vegeta was smiling too now. As the time machine was rising upwards piccolo and gohan were shown. Trunks remembered the only mentor he was having in the future was gohan only . Gohan was actually training with piccolo. He said ‘ trunks San…be well’. Trunks was now feeling more motivated. He was happy and so was Mai. Time machine disappeared ending this future trunks arc. This was the best saga of dragon ball super and it had been the most powerful one too. The power of a immortal evil, who even killed the gods and how was he defeated. This arc even had the blast of a universe and the friendship of two Zeno kings! We will be right there on the next Sunday with another amazing episode of dragon ball super.

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