October 18, 2021

Goku is going to die in the next arc? All you wanted to know

Hello friends! This is Secret Saiyan, and you are reading the secrets and the spoilers of the new arc of Dragon Ball Super. 

Our resources have just revealed about the upcoming episodes and what will happen in the new arc of the anime. Bellow are the titles of the upcoming episodes with their release date given beside them:

November 27: “Come forth, Shenron! Whose wish will be granted?”
One can deduce most of the story of the episode just be reading The title of this episode. You can read a brief prediction of this episode in our previous article.
December 4:” Goku vs Arale! Earth comes to an end due to their battle”
That fight will be very comedy as well as interesting.
December 11:” Challenge from Champa! Let’s flight in baseball!”
As the name suggests this episode will be carrying a baseball tournament between our fighters and Champa, etc. Which will be weird as well as comedy.
December 18:” Goku dies! Assassination order that must be performed “
This is where the new arc will start. The story is something which will blow your mind. Please guys, if you don’t want any spoilers, please close the window.

This coming arc will feature Goku, but obviously enough, there is something going on with him. This could be probably that his life is in danger. The strongest assassin will come to the Universe7  just to kill Goku or it could be like someone had paid Hit to kill goku. But it is sure that the assassin is ordered by some unknown individual. As in the universal tournament we have seen that Hit was fighting from champa’s side as Vados has promised to give him a time travelling cube. So it looks like Hit is coming after Goku and all he want is to kill Goku. We all have seen Goku Black and how strong he was. We have always compared Goku Black to someone like Hit. In the tournament session it was also shown how strong Hit was and how he was able to match up with Goku’s moves everytime. And now we have Hit coming in the Universe 7, looking for Goku. But the thing is someone putta Hit out on Goku. If you look at Secret Saiyan’s episode summaries of some recent episodes, you will be able to make out that these things are briefly described even there. We all have seen episode 67, but there are very few people who were actually able to make out this thing. When Goku calls Zeno sama in the future in order to destroy the dark clouds, Zeno appeared and he asked questions like
‘ who called me? ‘
‘ who did this? ‘
And one of his questions to Goku included
‘ who are you? ‘
What does that mean?
Later in the same episode we have seen that Goku took future Zeno to meet the present King Zeno. Present King Zeno immediately recognized Goku and he shouted  “Son Goku “in his childish voice. Future King Zeno didn’t remember Goku, even though present King Zeno knows him even by his face. This clearly indicates that Goku will be dead soon in the future and Zeno will also forget him.

Now we should leave something for December 18’s episode of Dragon Ball Super ( 71th). Till then don’t forget to check Secret Saiyan for further updates.

Goku vs Hit, once again but this time the rules are different.
Goku vs Hit, once again but this time the rules are different.


  1. I think it’s because Goku died in the universe of future Trunks. So in that universe Goku never met him. I think when trunks went back in time it altered the future and crated an other universe where Goku is still alive If trunks didn’t go back in time Goku would of never met him at all.

  2. That means hit can be the next super enemy which can destroy full universe. Waiting desperately for goku’s comeback. I think so that vegeta can defeat HIT if he gets furious. Dragonball super episodes are getting better and better. Thank you kidgrave and your whole team for providing me such great (sometimes funny) knowledge regarding super.

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