February 28, 2021

Dragon Ball Super 66 Full Episode and Summary

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According to me and until now, Dragon Ball Super Episode 66 is the best episode. We have seen in the previous episode previews that this episode will contain Vegito, but the thing which surprised the most was that Zamasu is killed in this episode. In the last scene of the last episode, Goku was doing the Kamehameha wave against Zamasu’s strongest attack. He actually uses his full Super Saiyan Blue power to the Kamehameha wave and this weakens Zamasu a lot. Goku’s attack makes Zamasu’s face turn purple like Two-Face, which seems like a beast. The blast just worked on the half side of Zamasu who was actually Goku Black (mortal). Goku Black is a mortal and Zamasu is not. Goku still has some energy left in him and starts attacking Zamasu with martial arts. He then knocks out Zamasu with a kick to the head while using the kaioken technique. This makes Goku exhausted.

Zamasu now just wants to kill Goku and the others . Gowasu says that the merged Zamasu may not be totally immortal after all. This is because only the body of the Future Zamasu was granted immortality. Goku Black on the other hand was still mortal. That’s why only half of the fusion Zamasu turned purple. Goku asks Supreme Kai for his potara earrings and wants Vegeta to fuse with him. Vegeta is not actually ready to fuse, but agreed because this is their only chance of winning. Gowasu states that the potara earrings fusion between non Supreme Kais only last for one hour. I’m definitely not a fan of Vegito’s fusion only lasting a little bit with the potara earrings. After eating senzu beans, the two of the fighters got ready to become Vegito once again. Zamsu was surprised at first, but then Vegito explains that he is both Goku and Vegeta. The two merged beings have a great little fight and it lasts shorter than it is supposed to. Zamasu doesn’t seem to be too scared of Vegito, but Vegito is no weaker either.

As this fight was going on, Bulma tells Future Trunks that the time machine is fixed. Mai gives him back his broken sword, but he wants to join the fight. Future Trunks has the power to make a new sword for himself using his own ki, and similar to Goku Black’s power of making a ki sword. The real explanation on how or where he got this technique from will be connecting him to Goku Black in the future episodes. Vegito is using all of his power against Zamasu and is trying his best to finish the fight as soon as possible (he just as an hour to remain fused) . However, Vegito seems to be using too much power and he separates back into Goku and Vegeta again before their time fused together is up. Vegito’s time was short because he used too much power in such a short amount of time.

Vegito doesn’t even last the entire episode. Then Future Trunks comes in the fight. Goku and Vegeta were about to be killed by Zamasu when Future Trunks used his new Super Saiyan form (probably called super saiyan ghost) and he used his ki to repair his broken sword. Trunks then creates a spirit bomb (this creating a spirit bomb + making a sword from ki is indicating a very strong connection between trunks and Goku) with his sword energy he pulled from the remaining survivors of the earth. With all this energy, Future Trunks stabs Zamasu and cuts him in half and the same way as he did to Frieza. It appears Zamasu has finally been defeated along with Goku Black. It was Future Trunks who saved the world and not Goku. It appears this epic Future Trunks arc is finally come to an end. I thought this episode was really good, although revising the rules of the potara earrings and the short duration of Vegito will annoy some fans. However, this was just because there was a fusion between non-Supreme Kais . This timer thing can be removed in future if there was any fusion only by Supreme Kai’s earrings.

Credit goes to Yashraj for writing this episode summary!

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  1. Absorbing a sprit bomb is really superb thing!! This episode stretched the future trunks arc one more episode!
    It will now probably end at 70th or 71th episod….

  2. I thought Goku will make a distress call to Zeno-sama. But it turned out Trunks kept his promise to kill Goku Black & Zamasu.

    Anyways, if Goku made that call, I think Zeno-sama will not be happy neither to our guys because playing with the time travel thing.
    Great episode!

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