February 28, 2021

DB Super Episode 23 Preview: Gohan is in danger!

Vegeta and Goku team up together to fight Frieza in the new upcoming episode, which airs tomorrow in Japan. Since I am translating the name of the episode, it should be named Gohan is in danger! This upcoming episode begins with Goku’s friends being assassinated by Frieza in the battle ground, and being totally overwhelmed.  After this, there’s Whis with a whole bunch of pizzas falling from a top of a tree, while Goku and Vegeta are training in a place similar to the hyperbolic time chamber. Goku and Vegeta eventually realize what’s happening on Earth, while Frieza starts transforming and using all of his strength. Goku waits for Frieza, even though the battle has already started. It is hard to tell if this upcoming episode is a filler one, or if Goku and Frieza would start fighting right away. I personally don’t mind if this is a filler episode, since that would add more suspense to the series. On the other hand, Gohan and Piccolo are not left in a very good situation.


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