February 28, 2021

Dragon Ball Super Spoiler: Episode 23 Summary

dragon ball super spoiler

I hope all of you enjoy the Dragon Ball Super spoiler that I wrote for you guys. This post is for those of you who haven’t watched this episode, and are interested in knowing what happened. Bulma prepares a cake, so that she may use that as an excuse to contact Whis. She contacts Whis to ask him to return Goku and Vegeta to Earth, so that they can fight against Frieza. Goku wants to use instant transmission to go back to Earth. However, Earth is too far for him and he can’t sense any ki. While Gohan was facing off against Frieza, he realizes that Goku needs to sense a Ki to do the instant transmission, therefore, he uses the very last energies that he has left to transform into a Super Saiyan. Gohan’s transformation was very short-lived. Once Gohan went back to being a regular Saiyan, Frieza shoots a beam from his finger to kill him, however, Goku arrived on time with Vegeta to deflect his attack. Once Goku arrived, he discusses with Gohan how Piccolo could be brought back to life by going to Namek and using the Dragon Balls from there. Goku then uses instant transmission to teleport to Namek, and then he teleports immediately back to Earth. After this Vegeta kills Captain Ginyu with an energy blast. Vegeta wants to fight Goku. However, Goku tells Vegeta that he already had his fun. This episode ends with Goku wanting to fight Frieza, and with Frieza transforming into his deadly third transformation.

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