February 26, 2021

Goku’s mom!

Goku's mom

Akira has revealed who Goku’s mom is. I remember back in the day when many of us used to think that Fasha was the mother of Goku and Raditz. It was a good theory, though, because Fasha was the only female, who was part of Bardock’s team, and they seemed to get along just fine. Not too long ago Akira Toriyama released the name of Goku’s mom, and her name is Gine. Yes, she is also the woman of Bardock and mother of Raditz. Saiyans’ in general didn’t care much about women, and just used them for breeding purposes. However, Gine had a bond with Bardock, and he had to save her quite a few times due to being pretty week. Bardock also had to save Gine because she is not a strong fighter. Here’s another fact about her, she worked in Panet Vegeta butchering meat while Bardock was on a mission. If you would like to learn more about her, you should read the Manga named Dragon Ball Minus.


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  1. Many fans don’t like Dragon Ball Minus and don’t see it as canon due to the issue it created with the first chapters of the manga and anime. Changing how Bardock was and the fact Goku is older in this retelling than what he was when the story starts. I think it comes down to the fact the guy is way too forgetful in what he writes.

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