September 25, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 77 Full Episode and Summary

goku and beerus

Dragon Ball Super 77 starts with two Zenos playing games. It looks like they are pushing and destroying some planets in some type of hologram. It seems like theyare getting bored of playing the same game over and over. In the meanwhile, Goku is busy selling vegetables to the farmers. After this, Goku heads back to the road in a loading truck that Bulma gave to him. Some guy in the road asked Goku for help because his truck had gotten stuck. Goku helps the guy lift up the truck. However, it turns out that the guy starts to point out his gun on Goku, and then more henchmen pop up to attack Goku. These guys wanted Goku’s loading truck because it’s from Capsule Corporation, and it’s worth quite a lot of money. Bulma had just recently given this truck to Goku, though. The bad guys start to shoot all the bullets, and Goku manages to dodge all of them. When Goku turns his back, one of the bad guys manages to shoot a bullet at Goku’s arm. Goku receives a small little scratch, and he realizes that he must be getting rusty like Krillin when it comes to fighting. Goku calls Krillin for some training. However, Krillin is busy fighting some bank robbers. Goku calls Whis for training. Whis agreed to train Goku, but like always, he wants food in return.

Goku goes back home to change into his training clothes. Goten wants to come along, but Chichi starts to get angry because she thinks he should be studying. Chichi starts to complain for a long time and that’s when Goku and Goten sneak out of the house. Goku and Goten head to a food place to buy some Daifuku for Beerus. Goten makes sure to get them in a nicely-wrapped box to show good manners. Goku and Goten then head back to Caplsule Corporation to meet up with Whis and Beerus. Bulma comes out to greet Goku, and she’s driving a small little car. Bulma believes that it’s out of Goku’s character to bring her presents. She thinks that the presents are for her because she’s pregnant. However, Goku wasn’t aware of her pregnancy. Trunks finds out that Goten is going to train with Whis. However, Trunks asks Goten to train with him. Trunks wants to train at Capsule Corp because he can’t travel far, and due to Bulma soon giving birth to her baby. Goku looks for Vegeta. Goku asks Vegeta to come with him to train with Whis. Vegeta says that he can’t come along at a time like this because Bulma is about to give birth, and she wouldn’t forgive him if he were to leave. Vegeta is shocked to hear how Goku says that he was dead and training when Goten was born, like if it was nothing. When Whis arrives, he at first thinks Vegeta is the one giving birth.

Whis takes Goku to his planet to train him. Whis and Beerus are both very happy when they start eating some Daifuku. Whis then sparts with Goku for a bit. Beerus had noticed Goku’s scratch from when he received a bullet. Goku starts to tell Beerus how there should be an universe tournament so he can fight strong people. Goku also says that the tournament should be hosted by Zeno. Beerus gets angry fast and specially when Goku starts to mention that he has a button to summon him. Beerus warns Goku that even though Zeno may be innocent and noble, it is his innocence that makes him dangerous, and that he could erease the universe with ease. Beerus hates the fact that there’s no telling what will happen with Zeno. Goku tells Beerus that his button has two sides. One side of the button is for Zeno to come to him, and another one allows for Goku to teleport to Zeno. Beerus gets really serious and threatens to kill Goku. Beerus believes that Goku’s naive nature could endanger the universe. Goku doesn’t seem to take Beerus seriously when he talks about how dangerous Zeno really is. Goku fooled Beerus by flipping the button into the air, and pressed the button to go to Zeno so fast that Beerus couldn’t stop him.

Goku arrives to where Zeno is at, and is greeted by the Geat Priest. Goku goes inside the door and is greeted by two Zenos. Goku immediately starts to ask if Zeno is going to hold an All-Universe Martial Arts Tournament. Goku is asking what happened with that and states that he’s tired of waiting. Present Zeno says that he had forgotten about the tournament. The Zeno from the future asks what’s a tournament, and then present Zeno says it’s really fun. Both Zenos are super excited about the tournament. Once the date and details of the tournament are determined, the Great Priest will contact the Supreme Kais of each universe. Goku teleports back to where Beerus is at. Beerus punches Goku in the stomach and asks Goku what happened with Zeno. Goku just says that Zeno decided to host the tournament. Goku asks Whis to take him to the Sacred World of the Kais to find out more details about the tournament, since the Great Priest said he’d contact the Kais. The Great Priest then arrives to give Zeno’s message to everyone. Zeno’s message states that “on the 3,135,500,603rd day of the King’s Calendar…on the 157th hour, ten warriors selected from each universe shall participate in the Tournament of Power.”

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  1. “Dragon Ball Super 77 starts with two Zenos playing games. It looks like they are pushing and destroying some planets in some type of hologram.”

    You don’t get why Beerus is so terrified of Zeno’s POWER + Zeno’s innocence!

    Those… aren’t holograms. … Yeah. Zeno x Zeno is casually blowing up real planets in this “game”, and they’ve done it 110 + 110 times so far…

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