September 25, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 78 Full Episode and Summary

dragon ball super universe 9

Dragon Ball Super Episode 78 begins with Great Priest explaining to Goku that the Tournament of Power will be held in the World of Void. Beerus explains that it’s a world without time or space, and filled with infinite nothingness. Great Priest stated that the Super Dragon Balls will be present. Goku asked Great Priest what will be the prize for winning the tournament. Great Priest answered and said nothing, and stated “Zeno said he would erase the defeated universes.” Beerus and everyone else starts to freak out when they hear the news about the defeated universes getting erased. Great Priest says that Zeno from the future didn’t see the previous tournament. Future Zeno is curious as to what a tournament is like, therefore, there will be a preliminary tournament called a Zen Exhibition Match. Goku asks who will he be fighting. Great Priest responds by saying Universe 7 will be fighting Universe 9. Goku is asked to gather 3 warriors within the next hour and to show up to Zeno’s palace.

Beerus gets angry because he believes Goku has endangered Universe 7. Goku says he could ask Zeno to forget the whole thing about erasing universes. However, Whis advises against it because Zeno could erease Goku on the spot if he feels displeased. Goku teleports to Capsule Corporation to ask Vegeta to show up to the Zen Exhibition Match, but he refuses. In the meanwhile, Goten and Trunks are sparring. Vegeta advises Goku to go ask Gohan to participate in the exhibition. Goku asks Gohan to keep the whole thing about Zeno destroying the losing universe a secret. Videl thinks Gohan should follow Goku’s wish. Gohan then agrees to participate in the tournament. Hercule and Buu are going for a walk with their dog. Goku gets excited, and he immediately goes to ask Buu for a request.

Goku teleports to where Beerus and the Kaioshins are at. Goku takes Gohan and Buu with him. Beerus doesn’t seem to be impressed with Goku’s choices for the tournament. Beerus is wondering why Hercule is even there. Goku explains that Buu only listens to him. Sumpreme Kai then teleports everyone to Zeno’s palace. Great Priest prepares the tournament room and seats. All the Supreme Kais, Gods of Destruction, and angels from the 12 universes are present. Goku yells to Champa to greet him, but Great Priest asks him to shut up. When both Zenos arrive, Goku rushes to where present Zeno is to say hello. However, the rest of the universes think that Goku is very rude. Great Priest then tells everyone that the Tournament of Power is happening due to Goku’s request.

Great Priest says that the Zeno’s Exhibition Match will include 3 fighters from Universe 7 and 3 fighters from Universe 9. The matches will be one on one. There is no time limit. Another tournament rule is that opponents keep fighting until one admits defeat or cannot continue. Participants are allowed to use all powers at their disposal. This exhibition match is simply to show the appeal of battle to future Zeno. This match is not for determining which universe is superior. The first match is Basil vs Buu. Basil is red colored and looks like a wolf. Everyone is worried because Buu fell asleep, and Zeno might erase individuals if he feels bored. Hercule wakes up Buu by giving him chocolate, and promises him more chocolate if he goes and plays with the dog (Buu’s opponent). Buu gets kicked around by Basil. Buu is laying down on the ground, and has a smirk. It seems that Buu may be confident about his fighting abilities.

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