September 25, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 76 Full Episode and Summary

krillin and goku kamehameha

Dragon Ball Super Episode 76 starts with a lot of enemies from the past beginning to appear. Enemies like Frieza, Majin Buu, evil-Vegeta (from saiyan saga), Nappa, Cell, King Piccolo, Gyniu Force, Darbura, and Raditz appeared. Krillin instantly got nervous, however, Goku said these guys are just and illusion, and that’s when Vegeta blocked an attack. Evil-Vegeta punched Goku and made his head get hit on a tree. During the fight, Krillin encountered one of King Piccolo’s henchmen who had killed him in the Dragon Ball series. This henchmen is named Tambourine. Krillin got flashbacks and started to run away from the fight. As Krillin kept running, he bumped into Frieza and started to remember about how he got blown to pieces in Namek. Krillin then ran into Majin Buu and had flashbacks about the time he got turned into chocolate and got eaten. Krillin bumped into Darbura and remembered the time he got turned into stone. Krillin is to scared to fight, but Goku tells him that he’s gotta fight. An evil-Bulma appears and is ready to fight both Goku and Krillin.

Back at Kame House, Mr. Roshi is hanging out with the turtle and then his sister arrives on her crystal ball. Baba is responsible for the illusions that Goku and Krillin are seeing. She charges Master Roshi 10 million zeni for her work. 18 arrives and she sees through the crystal ball that Krillin is afraid. Master Roshi explains that Goku and Krillin are in the Forest of Terror. Memories that lie deep within the heart take form in this forest. This is a forest between this world and the next. The enemiefs that appear here are those that Goku and Krillin faught in the past. They’re memories of their battles. Krillin and Goku are being chased by everyone they faught in the past. Goku tells Krillin that both of them should do a kamehameha. However, Krillin is holding back because he sees Bulma, but Goku assures him that is not the real one. Then, Goku and Krillin do a kamehameha and blast it at the Gyniu Force and the rest of the bad guys. The bad guys appear. Krillin is afraid that the bad guys would appear again, but Goku is excited to get to fight them again. Krillin doesn’t want to fight again because it brings him so many bad memories, and states that he’s not like Goku.

As Krillin tries to run away, Goku chases after him. The tree branches start to grow and start to cover cage in Krillin and Goku. Then, some flowers appear on the tree branches and release some gas that makes all the villains appear. The villains came back bigger than before in size. Krillin somehow manages to land near a river on a rock, where he contemplates that he’s an idiot. In the meanwhile, Goku transforms into super saiyan and he uses his ki to blast away the bad guys. The bad guys came back and Goku transformed into super saiyan 3. The villains keep growing, and growing bigger. Goku transforms back to normal and when he takes a deep breath, the bad guys start to disappear. Master Roshi is hoping that Krillin figures out how to makes the bad guys go away. Krillin is freaking out because a lot of Friezas start to appear in front of him.

Goku calls for flying Nibumus and uses it to go search for Krillin. Krillin is freaking out even more because now he’s seeing a lot of copies of Cell, and Nappa. Krillin decides to surpass his fear, and he uses the solar flare technique. Then he uses a desctructo disc to cut Nappa in half. When Krillin realizes that the bad guys are moving by the energy, he sits down and closes his eyes to meditate. The meditation makes some of the copies of Nappa disappear, and then the rest stop moving. The forest then stopped looking so much like a freaky place, though. The more scared Krillin was, the more copies of past villains appeared. Just as Krillin masters his energy and mind, Baba makes Zamora (the shenron of the super dragon balls) appear by where Goku is at. Zamora has his body wrapped around Goku. Krillin punches Zamora in the head and manages to save both Goku and Nimbus. Goku transforms into super saiyan blue. Goku and Krillin both do a kamehameha to put an end to the super dragon. As the dragon gets defeated, beams of light land to the ground, and then the plant that Master Roshi had requested starts to grow. This is the paradise plant and a lot of it grows. Master Roshi is surprised to see the paradise plant. 18 and Maron are happy to see Krillin going back to martial arts. Roshi eats some of the plant, which is supposed to make him live for 1000 years more. In the end of the episode, 18 trims Krillin’s hair to being bald, and Goku asks Krillin to spar with him again. Krillin is okay with sparring, but as long as Goku doesn’t
transform into super saiyan.

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