August 28, 2016

Dragon Ball Super 56 Full Episode

August 27, 2016 kidgrave 2

I’ve been promising an episode summary for quite a while. However, I’ve been extremely busy with my studies and with working out. Anyways, if you want to be a staff member and help out Secret […]

Dragon Ball Super 54 Full Episode

August 21, 2016 kidgrave 0

There were some problems while fixing the website, and I had to upload an older database. I hope you guys are enjoying the changes that have been made in this website!

Dragon Ball Super 52 Full Video

July 17, 2016 kidgrave 0

There’s no episode summary for now. However, I will work on it as soon as I have the chance. My bad about uploading the episode a little late. I’ve been quite busy.

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