September 25, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 75 Full Episode and Summary

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 75 starts with Goku hanging out with Chichi, Gohan, and Goten at their farm. In the mean while, Goku is training. Goku is training by plowing the fields. Goku wants a sparring partner, but Whis, Beerus, Vegeta, and Piccolo are all busy. Therefore, Gohan transforms into Great Saiyanman and becomes Goku’s sparring partner. Goku and Gohan exchange punches, and then both of them transform into super saiyan. Gohan actually manages to land a blow at Goku’s stomach. Chichi gets mad and asks Goku and Gohan to stop their fight, because they were destroying the fields that were recently plowed. Back at Chichi’s house, Goku is doing sit-ups while having Goten sitting on his back. Goku is complaining because he really wants someone to spart. Goten suggests to Goku to go spart with Krillin. Goku then immediately disappears and heads out to go fight Krillin. Like always, Chichi gets mad and she threatens to call 18.

Krillin is currently doing his police job and chasing some criminals on his cop bike. Krillin manages to pass the criminals, and the criminals end up crashing their car on a pole. The criminals get out of the car, and start shooting at Krillin and the other cops. Krillin saves the life of a police officer, and then Goku shows up to bend the guns of the criminals. Krillin realizes that Goku came to see him to spar, and not to help him with his job. Goku heads to Krillin’s house. Krillin tells Goku that he doesn’t think he can satisfy Goku in a match, and that he already quit martial arts, and is dedicated to being a cop. Goku doesn’t care and just wants Krillin to train with him for just a bit. Android 18 realized that Krillin got his arm wounded by a gun and she is not very happy about this. She said that she fell in love with a strong man, but that now he’s become weak. Krillin’s daughter even goes ahead and asks if her dad is weak and asks if Uncle Goku is stronger. His daughter wants him to train, therefore, Krillin decides to actually spar with Goku.

Krillin and Goku start to remember of the good times when they used to train with Master Roshi. They both decide to go fly to where Kame house is. Krillin is now wearing the same fighting outfit as Goku, and Goku thinks he looks better dressed that way. Krillin thinks that he should really go back to training, so he won’t be getting hit by burglers’ bullets. Krillin brings a porn magazine to Master Roshi and asks him to retrain him. Master Roshi is definitely excited to look at his new magazine. Goku wants Master Roshi to train him. However, Master Roshi doesn’t think he could be a great opponent because Goku already has the power of a God. Master Roshi has Goku wear at turtle suit, which happens to be heavy. Krillin does not allow Goku in the match to transform into super saiyan, this way he’s not in a huge disadvantage. After sparring with Goku, Krillin immediately gets exhausted. Once it’s night time, Goku goes to sleep, but Krillin starts to train on his own outside of Kame House.

Master Roshi goes outside of the house to talk to Krillin. Roshi tells Krillin that he lacks confidence in his abilities by saying that his punches and footwork have doubt. Krillin seems sad, and he tells Master Roshi that 18 called him weak and that Maron wants a strong dad. Roshi has Krillin and Goku fetch him a herb to give him strength. This herb only grows in deep, deep forests on a certain island, and is a blessed and precious herb. Master Roshi turns this into a racing competition and he says that whoever brings him the herb first gets a rare magazine collection of his. Since Goku doesn’t want the magazine, Roshi says he could teach them a skill to boost their energy super fast. As Goku and Krillin are flying together towards the island, Krillin starts to realize just how much stronger everyone has gotten. Once Goku and Krillin arrive to the forest in the island, they bump into Fortuneteller Baba, who is Master Roshi’s sister. Baba was actually sent to the forest by Roshi to observe the race through her crystal ball. Baba has them enter a cave, and on the outside it has a mouth open that looks like a monster. Inside the mouth, there is a spooky-looking forest. When Goku and Krillin are walking, they come across a pink-glowing butterfly, and all of a sudden some clouds start to appear. These clouds transform into Cell, Frieza, Nappa, Majin Buu, Vegeta, Piccolo, and the Gyniu Force.

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