February 28, 2021

What is Goku Black’s true identity?

goku black super saiyan rose

Please keep in mind that this is just a theory and not a fact. On DB Super Episode 57, we learned that Zamasu and Black are two separate individuals. This raises the question, who is Goku Black? I personally believe that Goku Black is from either Universe 7 or possibly Universe 10. He can be from any other universe. Many ask, why is he evil and why does he have Goku’s body. I believe that Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to revive Goku’s body from any universe. At this point, anything is possible. If Goku didn’t die in another universe, it can be possible that Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to turn Gowasu into an evil being, and then he could have used Goku’s body to fuse it with Gowasu. Many of you will ask why would Goku Black not look like Gowasu. I read something in a YouTube comment from a user that said something like “when it comes to two characters fusing, the character will always look like the strongest one.” Do you guys believe this is true or not? In Dragon Ball Z, Vegito and Gogeta look like a combination of both Goku and Vegeta. However, Akira Toriyama is known to make inconsistencies through out the sagas, and it could be possible that the rules for fusion apply differently in DB Super.

Why does Goku Black have pink hair and not blue hair? The super saiyan blue transformation is meant for saiyans that are purehearted. Since Goku Black is evil, that could be the reason as to why he has pink hair. Correct me if I’m wrong with the way I express myself, but the pink color or pink rose in Japan is supposed to be associated with death. Because Goku Black is evil, it makes sense to me for him to have pink hair.

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    • To be super saiyan blue, one must be purehearted, To be super saiyan, a character could be evil. In the Majin Buu saga, Vegeta was super saiyan, but evil at some point.

      • Actually no, to be super saiyan blue you dont have to be purehearted. It can be earned in training. Whis states that goku could have recieved it be training hard and a lot, but the circumstances didnt call for that, thus making goku have to get it from doing that ritual thing.

        • Yes, a saiyan could achieve super saiyan blue through training, and how Vegeta did. However, Vegeta is a good guy. Goku could have achieved this transformation through training, but he is a good guy. When it comes to becoming super saiyan blue through training, the series does not specify if a saiyan has to be a good or bad guy. However, if anyone is able to achieve super saiyan god through training, then this must explain why Goku Black achieved a god transformation. Since Black is evil, it makes sense to me that his hair is pink/rose. The rose thing in Japan is associated with death.

  1. I think that the second thing this dude said which was gowasu is black guku is correct because he wears a ring on rights hands intex finger and a earing on the left ear!
    And it was the brain of the creator that he gave him a asian look by removing the right earing !lol

  2. This is really creating great confution, beerus killed zamasu in present but he is still alive in future, In future zamasu said he changed the bodies of Goku and him than black Goku is suppose to be zamasu but black goku is taking commands from the person who is in zamasu’s body! Hows that possible, only if some.exernal.power resides between Zamasu and Black goku and its non other than GOWASU.
    It was happened something like this——-
    Zamasu killed by beerus sama
    Gowasu made Zamasu alive again via dragon balls
    Zamasu changed body with goku (somehow)
    Gowasu has got.body.of.Zamasu(somehow)

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