February 28, 2021

New Dragon Balls, Beerus’s team revealed, and new characters

dragon balls

Super Dragon Balls

There are new Dragon Balls called Super Dragon Balls, which are planet sized, and Champa has been finding them since decades. Champa has already found 6 of them and has only 1 left to find. The Super Dragon Balls have less limitation than normal Dragon Balls. The Namek’s created the Original Namekian Dragon Balls (the small ones) from the Super Dragon Balls. So far we don’t know about the origins of the Super Dragon Balls.

Tournament and new DB Super characters

Champa says if Team Beerus wins the tournament, he will hand over the 6 Super Dragon Balls to Beerus and he will have to find the last one on his own. What would Beerus want with the Super Dragon Balls? Champa wants to use Bulma’s dragon radar to find the last Super Dragon Ball. However, the universe is too big to use the regular and small dragon radar. The earth is located at the edge of the unvierse and they need to go to the center of the universe. Jaco lives around there and he knows someone named Zuno. We got a new character here and Jaco says that Zuno knows everything about the universe and everything else. Furthermore, it looks like he knows even more than the Whis, Beerus, and all the Kais. Tights is one of the main protagonist from Jaco The Galactic Patrolman, and she’s the daughter of Dr. Brief And Mrs. Brief, and Bulma’s older sister. Tights will be the one to give the spaceship so they can go meet the new character Zuno. Tights is just an author, however,  she’s not a genius like Bulma. We will find out what else she’s capable of doing in Dragon Ball Super!

List of the members of Team Beerus

There are the 5 members from Team Beerus: Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Buu and Unknown. However, Beerus says that he’s the strongest person he has ever fought. This means that Whis and Goku are not the strongest opponents that Beerus has faced. Who could be so strong that Beerus has faced? Maybe somehow Beerus fought Broly, and Akira has decided to bring the Legendary Super Saiyan back to the series? As for Piccolo and Majin Buu, they will probably get training from Whis. Wow, imagine how strong they will become? I’m pretty sure that Majin Buu will surpass Kid Buu, or Super Buu/Buuhan after training with Whis. I was starting to think Piccolo was always going to stay weak, like compared to the rest of the Saiyans, however, it looks like he’s going to get a huge power boost! Gohan is totally out of this, even though Vegeta says that Gohan has strong potential, but Goku says he’s into studying and that he’s weak compared to others.

Location of tournament, new dragon radar, and super dragon balls

The tournament is set on a nameless planet, after 7 solar days, which is like 5 earth days and 10 hours. The tournament rules are same as Budokai Tenkachi games, and Beerus and Champa won’t be fighting, which means they would probably be trainers. When it comes to the Super Dragon Balls, Champa says it took him decades to gather the Super Dragon Balls that are probably located in the universe where Champa is from. The last Super Dragon Ball somehow ended up in Beeru’s Unvierse 7. Bulma built a new dragon radar for the Super Dragon Balls, and she says “wait there are supposed to be Super Dragon Balls in our universe as well.” Interesting huh? Thing is, they don’t know in which galaxy to go searching, and they will have to go meet Zuno. As Jaco says, “there are tons of galaxy, not just four.”

Whis won’t be competing in the tournament, as Beerus says he’s too strong. Vegeta says “I don’t want to fight mindless fighters!” We thought there were only 4 galaxies, as there are 4 Kais: North, South, East and West Kai. Well, it happens to turn out that there are tons of galaxies out there.

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