February 28, 2021

Dragon Ball Super: New character names revealed, and Champa’s Team of Fighters!

dragon ball super

Dragon Ball Super: Beerus’s team of fighters!

Dragon Ball Super, Universe 7 vs Universe 6, the tournament of ten (five-vs-five) will soon begin! The side of Beerus is fighting for the Super Dragon Balls, while Champa wants Universe 7’s Earth. On Team Beerus is Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin, Buu, and a mystery pink fighter who is the strongest Beerus has ever battled. The name of the mystery fighter is Monaka, and he’s the one behind Majin Buu in the picture below.

Dragon Ball Super Beerus Team

Champa’s team of fighters

On the opposing side, Champa’s team of fighters includes a character that looks like Frieza, and his name is Frost. There’s also a Saiyan that looks a bit like Gohan; he is a full-blooded saiyan, and his name is Cabba. The robot-looking character is named Magetta, and there are rumors on the internet that Broly might be inside his body. As far as the purple-looking dude goes, his name is Hit. Maybe Frost has a transformation of the Frieza race that we haven’t seen before? Lastly, we got a yellow-looking creature and his name is Botamo. The images bellow come from the latest chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Manga. I apologize if any of the names were misspelled. If you find out more information about the new characters and would like to contribute to this sites news, please let us know in the comments.

Champas team of fighters

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  1. The Nu, you should definitely start reading the manga. I have been reading it, and it’s really good. Chapter summaries and reviews, they are definitely a great idea! Let me know what you think of Dragon Ball Super when you catch up with all of the episodes.

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