May 24, 2019

Dragon Ball Super Episode 38 Summary and Full Episode

DB Super HIt

In DB Super Episode 38, the next match begins and it’s Vegeta vs Hit. Hit is the strongest fighter of Universe 6 and he’s been 100% consistent at being a hit-man. As soon as the match is about to start, Vegeta transforms into super saiyan blue, and this scares Monaka. Hit is extremely fast at moving and he manages to knock Vegeta into the ground just by punching his chest with only one knuckle. Hit is so fast that Vegeta didn’t even manage to see his move. Hit insults Vegeta by telling him to give up. Vegeta keeps on teleporting and trying to do some damage, but Hit keeps avoiding his attacks and hits back with another knuckle, but this time on Vegeta’s neck. No matter what Vegeta does, Hit just keeps moving extremely fast and lands a whole bunch of hits against Vegeta, and eventually knocks him down to the ground. The purpose of all these hits is to damage Vegeta on his most critical spots. Hit is completely able to read all of Vegeta’s moves. Once again, Hit asks Vegeta to give up.

Hit makes Vegeta bleed!

Vegeta starts to bleed from his mouth and spits out some blood. Yeah, it was about time we got to see some more blood in DB Super. Vegeta rushes to land a punch at Hit’s face. However, Hit manages to hold Vegeta’s hand and punches him in the stomach. While Hit holds his hand on Vegeta’s stomach, and the hit causes some weird aura through Vegeta’s back. Vegeta lands on the floor and admits that Hit is too strong. Vegeta’s hair returns back to being black and he is no longer transformed into super saiyan blue. Hit wins this match! According to Hit, Vegeta is the first to stay alive after receiving so many hits from him.

Jaco starts to theorize that Hit moves fast because he is able to move through time. According to Jaco, there are beings in the universe who are able to hold time for 0.1 seconds and Hit may be a being with such abilities. Bulma asks Jaco to arrest Hit for manipulating time, but Jaco refuses because he doesn’t want to risk dying. Whis is surprised to see that there’s someone else like him who could control time.

Controlling time

The next match starts and it’s Goku vs Hit. Whis starts to say that Beerus lied about Monaka being strong. Beerus invited Monaka to the tournament so that Vegeta and Goku could feel motivated to fight. Hit manages to land a kick on Goku’s stomach, and Goku wasn’t even able to see that move. Whenever Goku rushes, Hit just keeps on punching and hitting Goku. Hit advises Goku to quit the match and says that Goku will eventually die if he keeps hitting him in is critical spots. As usual, Goku refuses to quit a match. Goku finally realized that Hit gets to jump through time. Goku hits Hit on the face and manages to make him bleed, and starts to block all of Hit’s moves. This match is very interesting because Goku is not even transformed into super saiyan blue. Goku learned Hit’s strategy pretty fast, and is now very aware that Hit gets to to manipulate time by 0.1 seconds.

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  1. Great summary!! I find it very interesting how Hit is able to move through time, but I find it more interesting how Goku figured Hit’s strategy and how to block his attacks + attack back because many underestimate his intelligence. Goku is definitely smarter than Vegeta when it comes to fighting strategies.

    • Thank you for liking my writing. I already started working on episode summaries for Dragon Ball GT. Since DBZ is a really long series, I’m considering writing saga summaries, and to do the same for Dragon Ball. I’d like to write episode summaries for DB and DBZ, but I think writing about the sagas would be ideal, since many have watched those series many times. Back in the day, I regret not writing summaries for DB and DBZ. I was too focused on posting news related to DBZ Budokai 3.

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