February 22, 2019

Dragon Ball Super Episode 37. Full Episode and Summary!

Dragon Ball Super Episode 37

The next tournament battle begins and it’s Vegeta vs Cabba from the Sixth Universe. Whis and Vados are fixing up the tournament ring and all the damage on it, which was caused from the battle of Vegeta vs Magetta. Bulma then grabs a towel and starts to clean Vegeta’s face.

Cabba does not have a tail like the saiyans from Universe Six. The saiyans from Universe Seven lost their tail due to evolution. Furthermore, these saiyans come from planet Salad, and their main objectives are to fight against evil and to protect planets.

Vegeta is a bit amazed because Cabba does a similar pose to him. After Vegeta blocks the attacks of Cabba, both end up hitting each other a bit. Vegeta becomes very surprised to see Cabba using the galick gun against him. However, Vegeta uses a galick gun against Cabba’s galick gun.

Vegeta demands Cabba to transform into a super saiyan. Cabba doesn’t know how to go super saiyan and he asks Vegeta to teach him the transformation, so that he may be able to better protect his family and planet Salad. Vegeta gets irritated because Cabba is asking him to teach him how to transform during battle. Vegeta transforms into a super saiyan and punches Cabba really hard in the stomach and then lands a lot of hits against him. Vegeta kicks Cabba high up in the sky and tells him that it’s incredible that he joined the tournament with his level. Of course Vegeta said this in a very condescending way.

Cabba starts to feel stressed out and is thinking about quitting the match. Vegeta threatens to kill him, his family and clan, and to destroy his planet. Cabba starts to get mad due to the threats he received from Vegeta. Cabba transforms into a super saiyan. Cabba throws a lot of punches, but Vegeta keeps blocking while he is being pushed back a bit in the ring. Cabba sends Vegeta flying up in the air, and then teleports behind him. Cabba then starts to throw multiple ki blasts at Vegeta, and this attack is very similar to when Vegeta throws ki blasts like crazy. Vegeta blocks all of those ki blasts, and then let’s Cabba punch him in the forehead, but he receives no damage from that. Cabba stops his super saiyan transformation and then he transforms back once Vegeta tells him to remember the sensation he felt when he first transformed into a super saiyan; the emotion of anger is the trigger to transforming into super saiyan. It was Vegeta’s purpose from the start to anger Cabba with all the threats in order for him to transfer into super saiyan after Cabba asked him to teach him.

Things then get more interesting when Vegeta transforms into super saiyan blue. He tells Cabba that if he trains hard enough, he may be able to transform into super saiyan blue. Vegeta lands a really hard punch on Cabba’s stomach and makes him fall into the ground, and this ended the fight with a KO. Before the KO, Vegeta then tells him “don’t forget this pain.” Vegeta grabs some container of water and throws it at Cabba’s face to wake him up. Vegeta tells him to train and to surpass his power, even though Vegeta admits he wasn’t going to fall behind either. Cabba says his good bye and says “the king of my planet is a strong and proud person, just like you.” Vegeta then says “I see. Let me meet him, someday.” Goku was surprised that Vegeta took the time to train Cabba. Piccolo wasn’t. Piccolo told Goku “Vegeta is a Prince. Wanting to help out a fellow saiyan is only natural to him. From the bottom of his heart.”

The next match is Vegeta vs Hit. Hit is the legendary assassin of Universe Seven. Champa starts to ask Vados how did she got Hit to be on their team for the tournament. Vados says that she told him that she’d give him a cube to to Hit, if he were to win the tournament. The cube is just like the one that Whis used to transport everyone to the tournament on the nameless planet, and this cube allows an individual to travel to any universe. Champa gets a bit frustrated and says that the cube is only supposed to be used by Gods, but then disregards this as Hit is his trump card for this tournament.

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  1. I really like how you organized the summary with the full episode! Vegeta is more mature in Dragon Ball Super. He doesn’t get easily angered and isn’t as impulsive as he was in DBZ. This must be due to the training he received from Whis and the advice Whis gave him about him needing to relax. This episode is one of my favorites from DBS so far and can’t wait for the next one!

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