February 28, 2021

Dragon Ball Super 65 Full Episode and Summary

zamasu fusion

Zamasu creates a white circle around his back, and it looks like some type of giant halo. Zamsu uses this circle to shoot a ki blast at Goku and Vegeta. In the meanwhile that Goku and Vegeta use their ki blast to counterattack the attack by Zamsu, Trunks takes Bulma and Mai to a safe place. Zamasu uses an attack called sabaki no jaiba. Sabaki no jaiba comes out from Zamasu’s white ring behind his back, and it shoots a lot of red needle-looking things, which then explode where Goku and Vegeta are at. Gowasu and the Supreme Kai are very surprised to see Zamasu’s power. Before Trunks returns to battle, Mai gives him a bag of senzu beans. Vegeta rushes to throw ki blasts at Zamasu, but they have no effect. Zamasu had thrown two pink blasts from the white circle behind his back.

Zamasu’s attacks: Setai no ikazuchi, and sword of justice!

Zamasu summons some pink-looking thing behind his back, and it looks a bit like a grim reaper with wings and a cape. Zamasu’s attack is called setai no ikazuchi, which means definitive lightning. The thing behind Zamasu shoots a ki blast at Vegeta, which sends him landing to the ground. Zamasu manages to make super saiyan blue Goku to go to his normal mode by using his setai no ikazuchi technique against him. Zamasu keeps using this attack in an attempt to destroy everything. He plans to make a world without humans and only for Gods.

Goku and Vegeta had gotten injured by Zamau’s attacks, but they still managed to stand up from the ground. They are not ready to give up in this fight! Goku and Vegeta both transform into super saiyan blue, and each throw a blue ki blast at Zamasu, and then they rush him. Vegetas and Goku’s attacks managed to destroy the grim reaper-looking thing behind Zamasu. However, Zamasu used one hand to stop Goku’s punch, and the other hand to stop Vegeta’s punch. Zamasu is very powerful and is making both of them yell by squeezing their hands very hard. Zamasu used his sword of justice to send Vegeta and Goku to the ground.

Trunks and Vegeta do a father and son galick gun

Trunks arrives to where Goku and Vegeta are laying in the ground injured, and gets very angry. Trunks transforms into super saiyan and cuts Zamasu’s sword of justice attack into pieces with his sword. Trunks swings his sword at Zamasu, but Zamasu manages to stop it with only one hand. Zamasu shoots a ki blast, and this sends Trunks to the ground. Zamasu creates a yellow-looking ball that he throws at Trunks. However, Trunks tries to defend himself by landing a galick gun at Zamasu’s attack. Even though Vegeta is injured, he gets up from the ground and helps Trunks out by also doing a galick gun. It’s very awesome to see a dual galick gun! Zamasu doesn’t think his light could be destroyed, and Vegeta asks Trunks to give it all he has into his galick gun attack. The galick guns only managed to wear out Zamasu a bit, and to really anger him. Out of anger, Zamasu shoots a pink ray to Trunks, but Vegeta gets in front to save him, which is similar as to when Piccolo saved Gohan’s life from Nappa. Good thing Vegeta didn’t die from this attack! Goku then launches a kamehameha at Zamasu to destroy his light. Goku and Zamasu are struggling against each others blasts, and this is where the episode ends. In the next episode, Goku and Vegeta will fuse to become Vegito.

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