November 29, 2021

Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 and 65 best prediction!

Following plot is a prediction of the upcoming dragon ball super episode. This plot is collected from various different resources and references. This plot is supposed to be a axiom instead of a theory! Which is technically correct.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 64
” Revere him praise him! Fusion Zamasu’s explosive birth”

This episode will start with the usual a fight between Goku and Zamasu. Goku crushed Zamasu but as he was immortal he doesn’t felt even a skretch. By seeing this Goku became angry but there is nothing he can do. The fight between Vageta and black Goku became interesting. Black Goku made several copies of himself and it was time for Vageta to find out the real black. He throws ki blasts to all the copies but none of them was real, then the Real black Goku appears from the pink smoke. Everyone was surprised by seeing this and there was a slight of smile on the face of Zamasu. Vageta was loosing his aura and black says that Vageta is loosing his steam. Which actually means that Vageta was loosing his power level! Lol. From this moment, the fight was taken over by black Goku. He made a weapon from his ki which seems like a steel curve blade. Goku continues to fight Zamasu and then desides to seal Zamasu in urn which was fixed by Bulma but suddenly black opened a portal. Black and Zamasu exchanged their potara and fused to form Zamasu fusion. It would be very difficult to defeat them now.

Dragon ball super episode 65
”Final Judgment! The Supreme God’s Ultimate Power”

This episode will start with the fight between our heroes and fusion form of Zamasu. It would be very challenging for our heroes to fight now. Vageta now will put his full strength in the fight + Goku try to do his best. Later in this episode Z warriors will understand that there are two gods in their side too. That is Gowasu and Supreme kai. This episode will have the fusion between Goku and Vageta to form Vageto!
Then would be a equal level fight between two of the fusion characters.


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