February 28, 2021

Dragon Ball Super: Episode 25 Golden Frieza

Golden Frieza

Frieza transforms into Golden Frieza

Once Goku is done with his Super Saiyan Blue transformation, Frieza starts rambling about how there’s nothing special about him because he’s just a Super Saiyan. Jaco gets amazed at Goku’s hair turning blue, and he takes out his camera to take a picture. Jaco says that he will report to his bosses that the Earth is a dangerous place, so that it can get destroyed with a missle. Bulma gets mad when she finds out that Jaco is an informant, and she breaks his camera because she freaks out. Later on Jaco pulls out another camera and he claims to have several back ups. Whis and Beerus are on their way to planet Earth to go eat the food that Bulma has for them, however, they stop in the middle of nowhere because they see two other people near them. Those two people near them are Vados, who is the sister of Whis and Champa, who is the brother of Beerus. Champa starts talking about how he is from Universe 7 and about how Beerus is from Universe 6. Beerus feels bothered because he doesn’t understand Champa’s motives. Beerus asks Champa if he’s on Universe 7 to find tasty food, but Champa claims that there’s better food on Universe 6. Champa and Beerus want to fight each other, but Whis realizes that they must head to earth. Champa asked Vados to fight Whis, but she declined. Before they head out to do their own thing, Champa talks about how he has discovered 5 and needs two more, and it could be the Dragon Balls he might be talking about. Vegeta starts to get annoyed because Frieza isn’t yet fighting with his full power and Goku seems excited to fight Frieza at full power. Frieza transforms to a purple and golden color, and names it Golden Frieza. Whis and Beerus land on Earth! Frieza asks Beerus what is he doing. Beerus says that he’s simply enjoying his deluxe strawberry parfait. Frieza asks if he is going to interrupt him from his vengeance. Bills states that he doesn’t care to stop him because he’s nobody’s friend, and because he’s the God of Destruction. Beerus said “I don’t want you fighting near me because I don’t want dust falling in my cake.” Bulma starts explaining to Beerus that she’s scared of Frieza, however, Beerus tells her that he will protect her as long as he keeps giving him good food. Jaco asks Bulma if he could take a picture of Beerus, but he changes his mind when Bulma says he might kill him. The rest of the episode finishes off with Goku fighting against Golden Frieza. If you have watched the movie DBZ: Revival of Frieza and have not watched this episode, you’re not missing out on much.

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