September 21, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 88 Full Episode and Summary

piccolo and gohan

Dragon Ball Super 88 starts with Piccolo training Gohan. Prior to Gohan’s training, Goku had met up with Piccolo and asked him to join the Tournament of Power. Goku told Piccolo that Gohan was trying his best at the Zen Exibition Match. Piccolo asked Goku for two sensu beans, and for training purposes. Goku is counting on Piccolo to train Gohan. Piccolo has been aware that the losing universe could get erased. Gohan is very determined to become strong again. It starts to rain, and Gohan transforms into super saiyan, and starts to rush Piccolo. Piccolo punches Gohan in the stomach.

Back at Capsule Corporation, Bulma’s daughter is crying. Her daughters name is Bulla. Little Trunks is trying to figure out how to change her diapers. Whis and Beerus seem to be annoyed that Bulla is crying too much. Vegeta is actually happy and smilying because he has a daughter. Beerus thinks that Bulma is too carefree. Beerus is tempted to tell Bulma that the universe could be erased. However, Whis advises Beerus to keep quiet to avoid nagging from Bulma.

While Krillin’s daughter is cutting a carrot, Krillin is busy training with 18. 18 wins the sparring match and does so by knocking Krillin to the ground with a kick. This episode goes back to Gohan and Piccolo training. Gohan is getting tired, but is determined because he feels he must protect everyone. Piccolo tells Gohan that training and getting strong is pointless if he can’t evoke his original strength. Piccolo tells Gohan that if he doesn’t get stronger, he will not be able to protect his family.

Cabba uses his spaceship to travel to another planet, and to meet up with some guy named Renso. Cabba is the face of the Saiyan Elite Unit of the Salad Defense Force. Renso can’t walk right and uses a stick to stand up. Renso is a former captain, and he’s the one who had trained Cabba.

Cabba shows him his new power, and transforms into super saiyan. Cabba tells Renso that their universe might get erased, and asks Renso to join the Tournament of Power. Cabba asks Renso to use his old power. Thing is that Renso’s leg is messed up. The Tourmanent of Power is a battle royal with 80 people. Since Renso doesn’t think he would do good in the tournament, he tells Cabba to take his daughter Caulifla. There’s a high possibility that she may be the female legendary super saiyan.

Piccolo is done with the warm-up and asks Gohan to come at him with full-strength. Gohan transforms into super saiyan. Piccolo wants to show Gohan his weakness. Piccolo stretches his arms and grabs Gohan by his neck, and makes Gohan’s super saiyan transformation go away. Gohan is all like “when did you get such power?” Piccolo is like “what do you think I have been doing all this time you’ve been studying and researching?” Piccolo believes that Gohan lowers his guard during vital moments, and that Gohan is arrogant. Gohan transforms into super saiyan for the third time. Piccolo wants Gohan to use the same power that he had used while fighting Buu. It looks like Gohan goes into his mystic transformation. Piccolo then multiplies himself into many and attacks Gohan from multiple angles. During the fight, Gohan manages to cut off one of Piccolo’s arms. Gohan got distracted and Piccolo managed to use his cut off hand to throw a ki blast to Gohan. Piccolo’s hand was behind Gohan’s back. This blast pretty much put Gohan out of the fight. Piccolo wants for Gohan to stop letting his guard down. Gohan’s training will continue. There are only 9 hours and 30 minutes until the Tournament of Power begins!

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