March 25, 2019

Dragon Ball Super 84 Full Episode and Summary


Dragon Ball Super 84 begins with Goku and Gohan fly to search for Krillin. In the meanwhile, Krillin is busy fighting against a criminal, since he is a cop. After this, Gohan, Goku, and Gohan head out to Krillin’s house. Krillin is aware that the Tournament of Power is a battle royal, where ten members fight all at once. Krillin is a bit unsure at first about entering the tournament, but 18 convinces him to participate. She thinks that it’s pointless for Krillin to have a lot of equipment to work out if he’s not going to put it to good use. Goku asks 18 to enter the tournament, but she refuses due to not wanting to work for free, and because she has her daughter Marron to take care of. Goku suggests that 18 could have Marron at Bulma’s place since they got an amusement park and an aquarium. Goku convinces 18 to enter the Tournament of Power by telling her that she’ll be getting 10 million Zeni. However, it looks like Goku is lyign about this. Krillin finally makes up his mind and decides to enter the tournament as well. Gohan states that people lose when they fall off the tournament’s state. Therefore, everyone heads out to the ocean where there’s big rocks to have practice matches.

Friends and enemies will be fighting in the battle royal. Gohan wants to test Krillin’s strength so that he can work out a plan. Krillin is not really strong and that’s why Gohan is trying to figure as to why Goku invited Krillin to participate in the tournament. Gohan, 18, and Marron are going to sit back and watch Krillin vs Gohan. Marron starts to cheer up her dad and as Gohan gets distracted by this. Krillin starts to launch a lot of punches at Gohan. But Gohan blocks Krillin’s punches and kicks. Krillin was sent flying to a rock, but then he he and does his solar flare technique to temporarily blind Gohan. Goku, 18, and Marron put on some shades so that they don’t get affected by Krillin’s solar flare. At this point, Gohan can’t detect Krillin’s energy and he doesn’t know where he’s at. Krillin rushes Gohan with punches and kicks and sends him flying outside the platform. The solar flare that Krillin did is pretty damn strong, and he calls it solar flare x100. Gohan thinks that his is an amazing attack. Goku is really impressed by Krillin.

Gohan seems upset because he believes that he’s inexperienced. Krillin thinks it would be a good idea to combine his skills along with Gohan’s power to win the Tournment of Power. Goku is excited to have a training session with Krillin. Krillin and Goku decide to change their fighting location and they go to right on top of Hercule’s skyscraper. Gohan says that he will stop his Goku if he goes too far in his practice match. 18 is really concerned for Krillin and says that he’s tired from the last match. Krillin doesn’t want to stop fighting. 18 warns Krillin that solar flare x100 is for surprise attacks and that it won’t work again and again. She’s also worried because Krillin is up against Goku. Goku and Krillin will be fighting using the same rules as the Tournament of Power. This moment reminds Krillin about when he had his match against Goku at the Tenkaichi Budokai World Tournament.

It begins to rain and Krillin immediately launches many destructo discs at Goku. However, Goku keeps on dodging them. Goku rushes Krillin. Krillin attempts to temporarily blind Goku with his solar flare, but Goku manages to avoid it. Krillin then keeps launching destructo discs at Goku. Goku transforms into super saiyan and throws ki blasts to bring Krillin out of hiding. Krillin almost took Goku out of the platform, because earlier on in the match he had used few destructo discs to slice the floor. Goku transforms back to normal and then to super saiyan blue, and asks Krillin what will he do now. Both Goku and Krillin charge up for a kamehameha and launch it at each other. 18 gets into the middle of the fight and she kicks Goku’s kamehameha to the sky. Krillin’s hands are shaky and he feels like they are having an electric shock. 18 and Krillin wanted to fight against Goku together, and even told Goku to bring Gohan into the fight. However, Goku said no and stated taht he doesn’t really understand the tournament rules. Goku asks 18 if she has heard of 17. 18 says that the last time she talked to 17 on the phone, he was working at a wildfire reserve. She didn’t ask where she was working, therefore, she doesn’t know where hes at now. Krillin tells Goku that the Gods watch everything, and that they would know where 17 is at. There are 38 hours until the Tournament of Power begins.

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