September 25, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 82 Full Episode and Summary

super saiyan blue goku kaioken

Dragon Ball Super 82 starts with Goku fighting against Toppo. Toppo is the leader of the Pride Troopers from Universe 11. Zeno gave his permission so that Toppo may fight with Goku. Goku transforms into super saiyan. Toppo believes that Goku should be erased and because he’s putting the universes in danger. Beerus is concerned for Goku to keep fighting, because then all the other universes will have a chance to analyze his fighting style. However, Whis thinks that this is a good opportunity to analyze Toppo. Toppo rushes at Goku and manages to land on his shoulders. Toppo then does a move called justice tornado and spins Goku with his legs. Toppo does his justice crusher move, and uses this move to twist Goku’s arm. Beerus says that Toppo easily dislocated Goku’s shoulder. Goku gets out of this situation by doing a flip and kicking Toppo’s face.

Goku says it’s his turn and as he powers up, he rushes Toppo with several punches. Toppo attempted to do another joint lock, but Goku dodged it. Toppo uses his justice blast attack, where he shoots a lot of blasts from the tips of all his fingers. As Goku starts to get tired from the fight, Toppo teleports from behind Goku’s back and gives him a bear hug from behind. This bear hug from behind is called Justice Rear Naked Choke and it’s Toppo’s greatest finishing move. Goku is yelling a lot from agony because his bones are about to be broken. Goku’s super saiyan transformation goes away. Goku transforms into super saiyan blue and breaks away from Toppo’s Justice Rear Naked Choke. Toppo tries to hit Goku, but Goku keeps dodging the moves. Goku manages to start to hit Toppo quite a lot now.

Toppo continues the fight by doing his justice everlasting move. Toppo and Goku are now teleporting all over the place, punching and kicking each other. Goku charges up for a kamehameha. Toppo tries blasting Goku with his justice blast attack. However, Goku teleports in front Toppo and lands his kamehameha from upclose. Toppo is very strong and blocked Goku’s kamehameha with both is his arms. Toppo is now very angry because his uniform got damaged and starts to power up. Goku wants to see Toppo’s real power. Goku does the kaioken while being super saiyan blue to show what it looks like once he has passed his limit. Zeno really wants to see Goku pass his limit. However, Great Priest puts an end to this match because at this rate Goku or Toppo may end up dead and this would ruin the Tournament of Power. Goku compliments Toppo’s strength and tries to shake his hand, but Toppo has no intention of shaking an enemy’s hand. Toppo claims that he is not the strongest being in Universe 11. According to Toppo, he has a friend from Universe 11 named Jiren the Gray, and this is supposed to be the strongest fighter from this universe.

Like always, Goku is super excited to know that there are very strong opponents out there to fight. However, Beerus doesn’t think it’s the time right now to get excited over strong opponents. Beerus says that having a close match with their second strongest is no good. Beerus expects for Goku to be more worried and nervous! Great Priest begins with the construction of the fighting state for the Tournament of Power, which will require some time to be completed. The Tournament of Power will begin on the 3,135,500,603rd day of the King’s Calendar and on the 157th hour. Goku asks Great Priest when will the Tournament of Power fighting stage would be completed. Great Priest says it will take him 5 tiks, which is about 40 hours in Universe 7’s Earth. Everyone thinks that the tournament will begin too soon. Supreme Kai teleports everyone back. Beerus doesn’t like that Goku is not too serious and that Whis can get away with not getting erased. It turns out that Whi’s dad is the Great Priest, and Beerus tells Whis to bribe him so that he would exclude Universe 7 from this tournament. Whis thinks that Berus is saying stupid things. Gohan says that it’s time to find the 10 strongest people of their universe to win the Tournament of Power.

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