September 25, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 80 Full Episode and Summary


Dragon Ball Super 80 begins with Gohan being unable to read the energy of his opponent. Goku tells Gohan to don’t wait to see his moves because he can’t read his energy. The second match of the exhibition begins, and it’s Gohan vs Lavender. Gohan and Lavender exchange a lot of punches and kicks. Gohan’s opponent breathes a purple-looking gas into Gohan’s face. It seems that Gohan is being blinded temporarily. His opponent then breathes this purple gas into his hands, and starts to punch Gohan around. Whis laughs and says that this looks like a powerful poison. If an opponent receives too much of Lavender’s poison, their body will start to rot.

The Supreme Kai offers Gohan a senzu bean. Gohan refuses to take a senzu bean, because he wants to rely only on his own strength. Lavender tries to launch a kick at Gohan’s head, but Gohan dodges it. Gohan is trying very hard to sense the moves of his opponent. Gohan is temporarily blinded by the poison, and Lavender is very shocked to see that Gohan is still able to fight back. Because Gohan has been blinded, his other senses are being heightened. Lavender flew, so that Gohan can’t sense his footsteps. Lavender keeps hitting Gohan with ki blasts.

Gohan transforms into super saiyan, and is aware that he has not yet fully unleashed his power. Zeno thinks that this transformation is pretty and shiny. Lavender keeps throwing ki blasts, but Gohan keeps blocking and deflecting. Gohan than rushes Lavender with a lot of punches and kicks. Even though Gohan can’t see where his opponent is, his energy tells him where Lavender is at. Gohan wants to finish his fight, but he ends up in his knees in pain because the poison was accelerated. His super saiyan transformation goes away. Whis states, “it seems that the poison that entered his body began rapidly spreading through him.” Gohan transforms again into super saiyan, and Supreme Kai says to don’t do it because it will make the poison spread fast. Gohan launches a kamehameha at his opponent, but the poison starts to spread on his arms. Gohan flies through the poison to punch Lanvender. After this, Gohan gets behind Lavender and grabs him, and then tosses him to the ground. Lavender knocks out, and Gohan says “I won”. Gohan’s body is all purple because of the poison, but his face wasn’t affected much. Gohan ended up falling to the ground due to the poison. The Great Priest declares this match to be a draw. Goku gives Gohan a senzu bean to make the poison go away.

Great Priest gives an announcement on behalf of Zeno. Zeno is surprised to see beings of the lowest mortal level rank putting on such a wonderful fight. The Supreme Kai and Beerus are shocked to hear this. Zeno has evaluated all the 12 universes and ranked them accordingly. The average level of the mortal-inhabited stars of Universe 7 is 3.18. Great Priest says it’s not good and that it’s second from the bottom. Whis wonders who is below Universe 7. Great Priest states, “Universe 9’s average level is the lowest.” Universe 9 is a 1.86. Everyone starts to freak out when they find out that the universes who lose the Tournament of Power will be getting erased. Great Priest says that Universe 1 and Universe 12, and Universe 5 and Universe 8 are exempt from entering the Tournament of Power. The average mortal level of those four is over 7, so they won’t be erased. Whis realizes that the low ranking universes still have a chance to avoid being erased if they win the Tournament of Power. The Gods will be getting erased, but not the angels. For example, if Universe 7 loses, Beerus will be getting erased, but not Whis. Goku is next on the third match of Zen Exhibition Match, and he will be facing Universe 9’s Bergamo.

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