April 27, 2018

Dragon Ball Super 72 Full Episode and Summary

dragon ball super Hit

Goku didn’t completely die from Hit’s attack. He only temporarily died and he saw King Yemma in the other world. Piccolo placed both of his palms on Goku’s chest to send some shocks, this way he can resurrect Goku back to life. Piccolo’s efforts are not working. Gohan points out that there’s a ki blast in the sky, which comes back flying down at Goku. Goku had used this blast to bring himself back to life with the shock, and in case he was knocked out to the point between life and death. Goku gets up, and Goten is concerned about Goku dying, because it would upset Chichi. Gohan and Piccolo are okay with Goku having a one on one fight with Hit.

Goku gets up from the floor and he starts yelling to Hit that he’s not dead. Hit was certain that he had killed Goku. Hit says that his job is done. Gohan is able to hear Hit’s voice, but is not able to sense his energy. Goku transforms into super saiyan blue and goes to the woods where it’s dark, so that Hit could follow him and continue the fight there. Hit makes a lot of decoys of his energy. In the meanwhile, Goku is concentrating to figure out where Hit is at. Goku senses Hit’s energy from all around. Hit throws a punch from a long distance from where Goku is at. This punch sends energy flying through the trees, and once it reaches Goku, it sends him flying. Goku didn’t expect for Hit to be able to attack through things. Goku decides to fight Hit in a wider place. The fight between Goku and Hit continue. However, Goku is having a hard time with landing a punch at Hit. Goku is wondering if Hit is using the afterimage technique. It’s not the afterimage technique, though. Hit teleports behind Goku and sends him flying by hitting him in the back. Goku realizes that Hit is a lot stronger than from what he was at the Martial Arts Tournament. Goku starts to shake. Hit says that Goku is not shaking due to excitement, but from fear.

Vegeta is currently training with Whis, and is feeling exhausted. Whis wants Vegeta to train with him for 3 more rounds. However, Vegeta says that he will trade the remaining 3 times for an extra-fine steak! Whis says he already ate stake several times and that he would need something very tasty that he hasn’t tasted before to change his mind. Vegeta tries to convince Whis by telling him that he will put Granny’s Secret Sauce on the steak. It’s funny that Whis is getting convinced by this, and Vegeta is all happy about it.

The fight between Goku and Hit continues. Goku keeps trying to attack Hit, but Hit keeps dodging and teleporting around the moves. Hit manages to land a kick on Goku’s stomach. Goku feels that there’s two Hits. Hit lands another kick at Goku, and sends him flying through the rocks. Champa and Vados are currently watching the fight. Champa asks Vados why Goku is unable to land attacks on Hit. Vados explains that Hit is using time skip, which allows him to skip time. Hit can store the time he’s skipped, and with that stored time, he can create a separate space, a parallel world. Due to this ability, Hit is able to freely move, which is why he could be seen, but not touched. Champa thinks that this is so amazing that he can’t understand.

Hit teleports to where Goku is at and punches him in the face. Goku is able to punch Hit in the face back, and scratch him. Hit seems excited to be having this fight and he’s not surprised that Goku was able to scratch him. Vados feels like she’s watching a recreation of the Martial Arts Tournament. Champa thinks that Goku will be a threat in the upcoming tournament that Zeno will be hosting. Champa tells Vados that she was right to hire Hit for Goku’s assassination. According to Vados, she only hired Hit by proxy, meaning that the client was someone else. Goku is starting to realize that Hit is really somewhere else when he’s attacking. Hit lands a hard punch at Goku’s face.

Vegeta, Beerus, and Whis have arrived to the scene to observe the fight. Whis points out that they are not the first ones observing. Goku powers up. It’s hard to explain what exactly Goku did, but somehow he managed to slow down hit. Goku then proceeds the fight with charging up for a kamehameha and throws it at Hit. However, both Goku and Hit are now smiling and laying down in the ground while being exhausted from battle. Vegeta seems a bit annoyed and he’s like “Kakaroto, you seem to enjoy fighting Hit more than fighting me.” Goku is like “that’s not it. Hit is after my life. I had to do this.” Vegeta then asks if Hit is after his life. Vegeta asks Hit who hired him to kill Kakarot. However, Hit refused to disclose his client. Beerus accuses Vegeta of hiring Hit. Vegeta tells Beerus to don’t be stupid, and Beerus says he would destroy him for calling him stupid. It’s hilarious that Vegeta gets on his knees immediately and starts to apologize. Vegeta realizes that Kakarot had hired Hit through Vados. Goku did this this so that Hit would fight him at his best. Goku had originally begged Whis that he wanted to fight Hit. Therefore, Whis asked Vados to hire Hit. Beerus thinks that all of this was reckless, but Whis points out that Beerus wanted Goku to be well-trained. Chichi is happy to see that Goku is alive, and she thinks that Frost may have hired Hit to kill Goku. Whis and Beerus didn’t forget that Vegeta promised them steak with Granny’s Secret Sauce poured on it. Vegeta had completely forgotten that he made up the thing about the Granny’s Secret Sauce.

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