April 27, 2018

Dragon Ball Super 69 Full Episode

dragon ball Arale

I hope that all of you are enjoying this episode. My internet wasn’t working for a few hours, therefore, I didn’t write an episode summary and I had posted a link as to where to watch the episode. Now you can stream the episode online at Secret Saiyan. Things have been hectic with me and shool, so soon I’ll write the episode summary. Thanks for being patient!

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  1. GOT IT!!! I am damm sure about it that in near future or in next episodes we are surely going to see ARALE to be featured as backup. She is powerful than VEGETA and that makes her special. To be very honest i wanted to see KAMEHAN and ARALE special attack resolution but AKIRA TORIYAMA wanted to stay with his policy of showing comical representation of DRAGONBALL SUPER. THOUGHTS??? (question to kidgrave)

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