June 25, 2019

Dragon Ball Super 64 Full Episode and Summary

Vegeta is beating the crap out of Goku Black. Zamasu plans to intervene, but Goku tells Zamasu that he is his opponent. Vegeta lands a huge ki blast at Goku Black. Goku Black is finally coming to realize that Vegeta has increased his power due to the times he got injured in battle. Goku Black shows up and uses is ki with his hand to to create a scythe, like the one the Grim Reaper uses. Goku Black tries to cut Vegeta in half with his scythe, but Vegeta manages to dodge the attack by teleporting. Goku Black’s attack managed to open up a pink-looking portal in the sky. Goku continues to fight Zamasu, and Vegeta with Goku Black.

As the fight continues, Trunks managed to repair the broken urn, the one which will be used to trap Zamasu. In the meanwhile, Trunks wants to join the fight, but Bulma asks Trunks to use the mafuba technique to trap Zamasu in the urn. There’s a lot of copies of Goku Black in the sky, and cornering both Goku and Vegeta. The multiple copies of Goku Black were created from the portal in the sky. As Goku punches a copy of Goku Black, it turns into some pink cloud-looking thing and regenerates more copies. Goku and Vegeta are getting exhausted from destroying all the copies with their ki blasts. Goku Black is just distracting Goku and Vegeta, so that Zamasu can go ahead and attack Trunks in the meanwhile. Vegeta asks Goku to find Trunk’s ki, and to teleport where he’s at. However, Goku Black’s portal in the sky is preventing Goku from detecting Trunk’s ki.

Trunks seals Zamasu in the urn!

Trunks is failing at performing a mafuba, but Bulma shows Trunks a recorded video of where Piccolo is doing the mafuba technique. Bulma steps outside to distract Zamasu. She distracts him by flirting with him and complimenting him on how he’s very idealistic, and tells him that she could be a goddess because he is a God. Zamasu gets very angry at Bulma and lifts her up from the ground, meaning he plans to kill her just like he did in another timeline. Zamasu throws Bulma into the ground, and Trunks goes super saiyan. Again, Trunks has the yellow and blue aura around him. While Mai is holding the urn, Trunks manages to use the mafuba on Zamasu, and in an attempt to finally seal him. Zamasu is very surprised to see the mafuba in action, and he can’t believe that a “human” is using such power against a God. Finally, Trunks managed to seal Zamasu in the urn! Master Roshi is on the phone saying they forgot a paper that is supposed to be placed on the urn. This paper works like some sort of magical amulet and the purpose of it is to keep the urn sealed.  Mai, Bulma and Trunks are placing their hands on the lid of the urn, but  Zamasu manages to escape. Goku Black is getting concerned because Zamasu’s ki keeps decreasing and disappearing.

Goku Black and Zamasu fuse together!

Goku Black goes to where Zamasu is at to see what’s going on. Goku uses instant transmission to teleport along with Vegeta. Goku Black is shocked and is wondering what is going on with Zamasu. Zamasu is finally realizing that he underestimated the “humans” and he worries that they may put an end to his ideals. Goku Black thinks it’s time to show everyone the power of a God. This episode ends with Goku Black and Zamasu using the earrings to fuse together.

You will be able to watch this episode at Secret Saiyan online once it is subtitled to English.

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