July 17, 2019

Dragon Ball Super 63 Full Episode and Summary

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Dragon Ball Super 53 starts with Master Roshi giving an urn ( pot to seal a person) to Goku to seal Zamasu, or any villains. To seal someone in a pot, you must know a technique by the name of mafuba, and Master Roshi is teaching it to Goku. Yajirobe came to where Future Trunks is and gives a senzu bean to him. Future trunks recovered of his worn and torn condition and asked Yajirobe that had he given any lip kiss to him! Meanwhile Black Goku and Zamasu were drinking tea at a far place, Mai along with human army’s some soldiers were trying to shoot black Goku down. Mai said that she wanted to kill black and took hold of the gun. She loaded the gun, aimed at black and done a unsuccessful try. Black and Zamasu noticed that the shot came from the forests so they throw a combine ki blast at the forest.

Trunks was before told that Mai was trying to shoot black and trunks knew that she would fail in that. Trunks was flying to the forests to save Mai from the danger and he reached at the right time. He changed the direction of the blast from the black to the sky. Mai then left from the scene. Trunks then fought to Goku Black and Zamasu alone. He performed a galic gun on black which was a trouble for him. Trunks then moved to fight Zamasu. Trunks grabbed Zamasu and exploded himself, and did this with the intention of killing him, However,  Goku Black interrupted the fight between Trunks and Zamasu, while saving Zamasu in the process. After this, Trunks fell on the ground. Suddenly a time machine appears in between. Trunks was happy to see Bulma, Goku and Vegeta back again to future. As they got out of it, Goku Black destroyed the time machine and also the urn master Roshi had sent to seal them.

The fight was about to begin when Gowasu and the Supreme Kai from Universe 7 arrived to the scene. Gowasu told Goku Black to stop this but he with Zamasu formed a combined kai blast and throwed it at Gowasu, but they were saved by Goku and Vageta in SSB. The real fight of the episode began right at this moment. Vageta was fighting black Goku and he was surprised by Vageta’s power. Vageta said that Zamasu can’t use the cells of the body of a saiyan. Goku was fighting Zamasu and was surprised by Zamasu’s immortality. At the same time Bulma and trunks we’re trying to fix the broken urn and time machine. The fight between black Goku and Vageta was getting dangerous. This was the first time when Vageta beating black Goku so hard. Vageta said that black Goku cannot beat him because black is a fake Goku and he is Saiyan Prince Vageta sama. With this the episode ended with a interesting preview of next episode. To know the best predictions of the next episode please read out next article.

This episode summary was written by Yashraj. Thanks goes to him!

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