August 21, 2018

Top Ten most powerful characters of Dragon Ball Series of all time

Dragon ball super has introduced nearly a dozens of new characters , even more powerful than ever seen in the series.
The following list is of the most powerful characters in the entire dragon ball series.
This list doesn’t include dragon ball GTs characters as they are not campared to other characters in any of the platform .
10) Golden Freeza
As we have seen the fight between golden Freeza and Goku SuperSaiyan Blue. Actually Goku was not defeated he was cheated. Ranking golden Freeza so high was only because of the ability to distroy Earth and to stand against Goku SSB.

9) Vegeta Super Saiyan Blue
Defenately Vegeta super saiyan blue is much stronger than Goku Super Saiyan blue as he didn’t used the power from five super saiyans to became a God like Goku did. This is even proved when he was about to kill Golden Freeza. Thats why he holds a place above Golden Freeza and Goku SSB.

8) Future Zamasu
As in the episode 58 we have seen that when Future Trunks attacks on Zamasu with his sword it didn’t harm him . This was because of the immortality he have got. That gives him a position above than Vegeta SSB. Though he was killed in the present.
7) Black’s Supersaiyan Rose
Fights between Goku SSB , Vegeta SSB and Black Goku’s Super Saiyan Rose result that Super Saiyan Rose is strongest among the three. He beats up Vegeta SSB nearly to death. He deserves to be better than Zamasu And Vegeta. He even managed to travel through time to follow future trunks.

6) Goku Super Saiyan Blue Kaio-ken
He is the most strongest form of Goku ever seen in the series. When Goku first time reaches this stage in a fight against Hit he said that he was saving this for beerus sama . His body becomes sparking with red and Blue colors making this moment a memorable for the series.. At the end he accepted his defeate and gave up as he was knowing that his kaio ken have reached it’s limit

5) Hit
Hit is the strongest member on Team Universe 6. His style of combat revolves mainly in a basic fighting stance that uses precise and quick jabs to various vital points with blazing speed in combination with his Time-Skip. He a fighter from universe 7 and was fighting for universe 6 just because he wants some ‘time cube’ to travel through time. He can stop time for second and so. Fighters like Goku and Vegeta at top form can’t defeate him. He defeated Vegeta SSB without a sweat Even Goku tried kaio – ken X10. But Hit managed to escape from it easily . He is from one of those people beside Whis /Vados who can stop time.

4) Beerus/Champa/Other Gods of Destruction
Gods of destruction are not allowed fight each other thats why we can’t say who is stronger among them so we consider all of them equal . We know their are more universes and each universe has it’s own God of destruction so their are more gods of destruction besides beerus and champa sama.They hold Universal tournaments for the sake of Earth! There are twins.

3) Whis/Vados
When Whis said to Vegeta that he is the teacher of beerus sama we came to know that he is much stronger than gods of destruction . Whis already has demonstrated enough power in the form of turning back time and fighting both Goku and Vegeta together. Neither Whis nor Vados are not seen in much Action in the series. (Except of the few episode during Universal tournament). So there must be epispdes coming to explain the power of Whis and Vados .Also they have great cunning and intellect and have the ability to do a vast majority of things such as roaming universes and gauging activities in distant planets.

2) Zalama ‘The dragon lord’

Zalama is a Dragon God . He made the Super Dragon Balls . He made them to the size of planets , sometimes they appear as stars . He can grant wishes of greater level like creating , or reforming of a planet! He arrives by saying some worlds like “Come forth, God of Dragons, and grant my wish, easy peasy lemon squeezy!” in front of Super dragon balls ! This leaves him the most powerful weapon cum being apart from ZENO.

1) King Zeno

He doesn’t look like a powerful person. He is the king of all the universes and Even Beerus And Champa are shaken just by his mere presence, nothing else to add. He has just added new hierarchy in the God order and is supposedly the lord of everything.


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