May 24, 2019

Dragon Ball Super 58 Full Episode and Summary

DB Super Episode 58 begins with Zuno telling Zamasu information about the Super Dragon Balls. The Super Dragon Balls were created thousands of years ago and they have a diameter that’s over 300 thousand kilometers. You must collect all 7 of them from both Unvierse 6 and Universe 7. Zamasu starts to get annoyed from hearing all the details of the Super Dragon Balls, therefore, he threatens Zuno to get to the point, and for him to tell him how to use them. When you summon the dragon, you’re supposed to say come “out of there, God Dragon, and grant my wish chonmage!” Chonmage is a word that you must say when summoning the dragon. Zuno tells Zamasu that he must wait one year to be able to use the Super Dragon Balls, since they were recently used.

Back on Earth, Bulma gives a senzu bean to Future Trunks. Pilaf gives a senzu bean to Goku. Little Trunks gives a senzu bean to Vegeta. Bulma yells and she was pissed because Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks had forgotten to take some senzu beans before traveling to the future. Before traveling to the future, Goku had left the senzu bean bag in the bathroom. Vegeta starts to tell everyone that Zamasu is immortal. Goku is ready for a rematch. However, Vegeta starts to question Goku and asks him what will he do, since Zamasu is immortal. Goku’s plan is to turn immortal, and his way of doing that is by using senzu beans, which he considers them to be something similar to immortality.

Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls!

Beerus, Whis, and Supreme Kai arrive to where Future Trunks is. Whis is looking for Goku, because the Supreme Kai has something to tell him. The Supreme Kai tells Goku and Bulma that Zamasu had visited Zuno. Supreme Kai continues this conversation by saying that not only did Zamasu ask about the Super Dragon Balls, but that he also asked about Goku. Whis starts to hint Goku that Zamasu needs power and someone to follow his justice. Goku takes the hint and realizes that Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to create Black. Everyone thinks Goku is wrong, but Whis thinks he is correct. Whis starts to tell everyone that Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls to wish for someone who has the same body as Goku. After Zamasu used the Super Dragon Balls, he waited one more year until they went from stones to normal. Zamasu then asked for another wish, and he wished for his body to be immortal. It is because of these events that Zamasu and Black attacked the Earth from the future. Beerus realizes that Zamasu didn’t have to wait a year because Black has a time ring. Things get confusing here because Beerus says that only a kaioshin could have a time ring, and he also states that Zamasu is not a kaioshin.

Whis, Beerus, Goku and the Great Kaioshin travel to Universe 10!

Whis says that the present Gowasu’s life is in danger. Bulma says that the present Zamasu is going to kill Gowasu and steal his time ring to turn into a Kaioshin. Whis wonders that if Black is a copy of Goku, why does he have a similar ki to Zamasu. Goku, Beerus, Whis, and the Great Kaioshin travel to Universe 10 to visit Gowasu. Gowasu wonders what brings them here. Zamasu wasn’t there because he left in the morning and Gowasu doesn’t even now where he’s at when he’s being questioned by Whis and Beerus. Goku tells Gowasu that Zamasu is a tyrant in the future, but Beerus smacks him in the head tells him to keep his mouth shut. Beerus asks Gowasu if Zamasu has been following his justice. However, Gowasu is very gullible and believes that Zamasu shouldn’t have any doubts. According to Gowasu, Zamasu has the duty of a God, and he is to protect the Tenth Universe like a Kaoshin (he is supposed to eventually become one.) He also believes that Zamasu’s heart is clean at the moment. Zamasu arrives with an evil smile and he brings some tea to Gowasu.

Where is the episode? Episode 58 will be uploaded to this site as soon as the English subtitles are available. The subtitles in Spanish are always released first. Since Spanish is my first language, I watch the episodes with Spanish subtitles and that’s why a summary is always available before an episode is uploaded.

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