June 25, 2019

SS will start to post DB Xenoverse 2 News!

db xenoverse 2

We will start updating this website with DB Xenoverse 2 news. Secret Saiyan was very known for providing you guys with DBZ Tenkaichi news, and this was about 10 years ago. After Secret Saiyan re-opened after 8 years, it became focused on providing you guys with the latest DB Super episodes and summaries. However, we will return to providing you guys with the latest updates about DBZ games :DB ZEnoverse 2, and DBZ 3DS Fusion! Back in the day, we had great staff members like Dark Shuyin, Time2KillSwitch and other people like Gh0St Z3RO. These individuals are now inactive in the Dragon Ball community, which sucks, though. Secret Saiyan will once again become the #1 website for DBZ-game related updates. If you are interesting in posting DBZ Gaming news for Secret Saiyan, that would be of great help to SS and the DBZ Gaming community. E-mail: [email protected]

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