June 19, 2018

Dragon Ball Super 57 Full Episode and Summary

zamasu and goku black

Trunks realizes that Black and Zamasu are not the same person. Vegeta didn’t die from the attack that he received from Black, but his ki is getting lower. Goku rushes to fight Zamasu, but Zamasu’s attacks are a little different than their previous fight. Zamasu starts to throw a whole bunch of purple ki blasts at Goku, and that’s when Black rushes to the go to tag team against Goku. Trunks rushes with his sword to hold off Black’s attack, the same one that he used to stab Vegeta through his chest. Trunks successfully launches kicks and punches against Black, and sends him flying through a building. After this, Goku kicks Zamasu and sends him flying through a building.

This fight has turned into Goku and Trunks vs Zamasu and Black. Zamasu and Black seem very mad, and both of them launch ki blasts at Goku and Trunks. However, both Goku and Trunks fly to the air and dodge the blasts. Black rushes Goku with ki blasts and tries to stab him with the sword on his hand, the same attack he had used to stab Vegeta. After this, Goku uses his instant transmission to teleport behind Black. Goku claims that Black let his guard down. Black shoots a ki blast at Goku and sends him flying to the ground. On the meanwhile, Trunks starts to fight against Zamasu and stabs him in the stomach with his sword. Zamasu says this is useless, and he automatically regenerates his injury in a similar way that Piccolo and Cell regenerate from injuries.

Zamasu’s immortal body. Goku and Trunks vs Zamasu and Black

Black shoots a ki blast at Trunks that sends his sword flying. But, Goku starts to fight Black again and doesn’t let him approach Trunks. Trunks successfully stops Zamasu’s hand, the same way that someone would stop a sword with two hands, and lands a lot of hits against him. Trunks shoots a final blast attack to Zamasu. However, Zamasu was completely unnafeced by Trunk’s attack and he starts to brag about his immortal body, and how it the most appropriate body for him. He claims that it is the body of a God. Zamasu should have been injured from when he got stabbed by Trunk’s sword, but he wasn’t injured due to his immortal body and claims that a God cannot be harmed by a saiyan.

Goku teleports where Trunks is, and Zamasu starts to say that he will punish them for committing offences against the Gods. After this, Goku Black appears and starts charging up for a kamehameha and the color of it is pink. Trunks and Goku try to escape from this attack, but Zamasu grapples both of them by the neck with his arms. Goku asks Zamasu if he will sacrifice himself. Black launches the pink kamehameha, and it leaves Goku and Trunks injured in the ground. Zamasu did not receive any damage from Black’s attack. Zamasu stated that all this is necessary to create a world without humans.

Black and Zamasu are getting ready to end this right. Both of them raise one hand each into the air and combine their ki, which creates a giant pink ball. This ball looks a bit like the spirit bomb. Trunks then apologizes to Goku because he feels his power is not sufficient for this fight. Black and Zamasu throw their attack, but Vegeta deflects it, and then falls to the ground due to being exhausted from his previous injury. Zamasu starts to wonder where Goku and Trunks are, but it turns out that Jajirobe is dragging their bodies to somewhere safe. Jarijobe didn’t manage to save Vegeta and he is not able to fly with Trunks and Goku.

Mai saves Vegeta’s life. Goku, Trunks, and Vegeta travel back to present time!

Black and Zamasu are preparing to kill Vegeta, but Mai and the resistance shoot some gas from a gun. This attack makes Zamasu and Black cough and it prevents them from killing Vegeta. Mai saved Vegeta’s life and she carries his body on her motorcycle to where Jarijobe, Trunks and Goku are at. Mai gets a capsule from Trunk’s pocket and turns it into the time machine. Black is annoyed because he can’t feel the ki of the saiyans, and he says that the ki of the humans is interfering with his ability to detect ki. After this, Mai activates the time machine and sends Goku, Vegeta, and Trunks to their timeline. Zamasu and Black rush to destroy the time machine, but by the time they look for it, it has already disappeared. Zamasu is excited to create a paradise with his own hands.

Zamasu from the present learns about the dragon balls

The Z fighters arrive to earth and Bulma freaks out when she sees that her Vegeta is injured. On the meanwhile, the Gowasu from the present is on TV watching the previous fight that Goku had vs Hit. The present Zamasu is asking him if he’s watching those fights again. Gowasu claims that he would like to start a tournament of his own. Zamasu watches on TV how Goku turns into super saiyan blue and he starts to wonder what is his ki all about, and he realizes it is the ki of a God. He gets really angry to find out that the “humans” have acquired the ki of a God. Zamasu starts to ask Gowasu what are the dagon balls. Gowasu is not sure what the dragon balls are. Gowasu starts to explain that the tournament was organized by the two God of Destruction from Universe 7 and 6 with the objective of obtaining the dragon balls. He explains to Zamasu that the dragon balls can grant any wish. Since Zamasu starts to wonder about the dragon balls, he travels to Zuno’s planet and beats up one of his body guards, and asks him to give him all the information about the dragon balls. Zamasu went to Zuno because he knows everything
about the universe.

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    • look this all lies behind a deep.story which was not long ago
      a person named atari kariyama had written a story about a fantasy type of anime which come.to known as dragon ball and after that dbz
      Very soon the anime appears to be the most loving series of anime world
      When the series ended a large time interval was made in launching the next series so a fan of the series had written his own story and then posted that story to akira kariyama
      He found the story good so he edited it a little bit .
      Then two companies arrived to launch the future series of dragon ball these were
      Toei and bandai (actually they arrived before dbz )
      Then two companies competeted each other to launch the further episode in the series
      At the end it was decided that the episodes will be launched by toei and so the company does
      But bandai signed akira to write a story for them
      Which come to known as db super we see now
      Bandai was having the rights to produce more animes so they does
      Because of the major popularity of fans at the side of bandai toei was left too far behind
      And because of the some copywrites
      Disputes toei was forced tp leave japan making db gt launch in american sabcontinent
      Because fans see the japanses animes as the real ones so toei got disappeared
      Besause of the copywrite policy db GT is even not available on you tube
      Because of the little editing done by mr akira in dbGT ‘S story we can see his name in the authors section of dragon ball gt

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