August 23, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 50 Full Video and Summary

goku black

While Bulma and the Z fighters plan a strategy against Goku Black, a portal opens up and Goku Black appears. Upon arrival, Goku Black immediately recognizes Vegeta, and Beerus, The God of Destruction. Whis noticed that Goku Black is wearing a ring in his finger, which allows him to time travel. As always, Goku decides to be the one to fight first and he challenges Goku Black to a fight. Goku Black starts to say “I’ll fight you with this body,” which implies that his body is being taken over by another individual, like in the same way that Captain Ginyu would use different bodies.

Goku throws a lot of ki blasts at Goku Black, but Goku Black easily deflects them and then elevates his ki, which ends up with him having a black and purple aura around him. Goku transforms into a super saiyan. Both of them end up throwing a lot of punches at each other, and end up punching each other in the face at the same time. Whis thinks that Goku Black is fairly strong. Beerus doesn’t understand why he cannot detect the ki of Goku Black. Like always, Goku wants his opponent to show his true power. Goku starts to kick Goku Black’s ass, however, Goku Black powers up, grabs Goku’s arms and sends his body flying towards a rock.

Goku throws a hard kick on Goku BLack’s chest, and almost sends him flying through the portal where he came from. It seems like Goku Black’s chest is hurting. Goku Black starts to claim that this pain will make him much stronger. Trunks is starting to worry that this fight might get his time machine destroyed. Goku Black has now discovered that Future Trunks traveled to a time machine. Goku starts to kick Goku Black’s ass. As Goku’s and Goku Black’s fists hit each other, it seems like someone the time traveling ring is being affected, and Goku Black is being sucked up on the time portal. The dark energy is returning him back. Before Goku Black gets sucked up by the time portal, he throws a ki blast at Future Trunk’s time machine.

According to Whis, the energy of the portal has returned Goku Black, so that this way he can return to his original state of being. Goku Black’s ring has forced him to return to his timeline. This time traveling ring gives Goku Black a time limit to travel through time. Goku Black is dealing with more chest pain. Goku really hurt him with the punches and kicks that he landed on him. Even though Goku Black is now in his current time line, he starts to laugh because now Future Trunks cannot stop him from destroying his timeline. He doesn’t really care that Goku was beating him in battle, and it seems like he has a bigger agenda.

Future Trunks is really upset because his time machine got destroyed and now he can’t return to his timeline. He’s also upset because Goku and Vegeta had already told him that they’d fight by his side. It seems like Goku Black is stronger in his timeline and weaker in Goku’s timeline. It also seems like Goku BLack’s ki lowers as he fights Goku.

Whis said that there’s a new problem and he starts to mention that Goku Black’s time traveling ring is something that only a Kaioshin could use. However, Beerus starts to say that there’s no Kaioshin that is identical to Goku. Future Trunks starts to wonder who or what Goku Black is, but not even Beerus knows. Whis said that the time traveling ring could only be used once to travel from the future to the present. In the world of Gods, it is complicated to travel to the past. Future Trunks starts to ask Beerus for his time traveling ring, but Beerus starts to say that timetraveling is dumb and that he’d destroy Trunks. Beerus claims that only Kaioshins may use the timetraveling ring. Krillin aks Whis if he could use his magical pole to travel to the Future, but Whis says that he’s only able to control time for 3 minutes. Beerus is starting to think that Future Trunks and Goku Black are becoming a real problem, and due to time traveling. Very bad things can happen due to time traveling.

Beerus starts to wonder where all the sausages have gone. Whis says that all of them are gone, and then he shows Beerus that he has the last one left. Bulma seems really excited and she pops up a capsule. This capsule contains the one that Cell had used in the past. Bulma said that she will rebuild it. Back in Goku Black’s timeline, may is laying down on the floor with her eyes closed and then starts to move her hand, which proves that she’s still alive.

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  1. it seems to me like black goku is possessed by the truffle baby like vegeta was in bdgt. if I wonder how this will all play out in the end.

    • I agree. I think the Kaioshin that shows up in the intro may be the one possessing him. He has a time traveling ring and Beerus said that only a Kaioshin is able to use it. I’m very sure that this Black dude is not the main villain of this arc.

  2. If they all fought together then they couldve won right there and put an end to black goku. Even though they could win together they always try to solo the enemy and end up losing. By the way thanks for uploading the full videos. I can finally catch up on all the DBS that i missed. I couldnt find them on youtube just 5 minute clips here and there. Also is there an english dub out there or is DBS only in Japanese?

    • There are many scenarios where the Z fighters could have easily defeated an enemy by attacking all at once, but the series wouldn’t be interesting if villains got killed right away through team effort. You welcome and thanks for visiting Secret Saiyan to watch episodes. In comparison to the Japanese version, the English dub is way behind. The English Dub is barely on episode 7. It’s better to watch the Japanese version, though.

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