August 23, 2017

Dragon Ball Super 48 Full Video and Summary

black goku

While Mai is laying down dead on the ground, Black Goku starts mocking Trunks by asking him if he’s going to fight him. While Black Goku talks, Future Trunks starts to think about using the time machine. Future Trunks transforms into super saiyan the moment that Black Goku starts to claim that humans deserve to die and that he will kill Trunks, so that he can reuinite with Mai in the other world. Trunks rushes Goku and throws a punch at his stomach, however, it did nothing to Black Goku. Black Goku then starts to throw a lot of punches at Future Trunks. Black Goku uses a technique, which looks a bit like Frieza’s supernova technique. However, this technique looks different in color because it’s glowing yellow like a halo, and it has a black hole in the middle. Trunks manages to pick up his sword and throws it at Black Goku’s energy blast, which causes it to be destroyed. However, Future Trunks uses one of Gohan’s techniques, which is the famous masenko.

Future Trunks fights Black Goku.

It turns out that Future Trunks was just using the masenko as a way to distract Black Goku and to rush to where his time machine is at. Once Future Trunks gets to his time machine, he uses a capsule, which holds the fuel to power up his time machine. It is the item that his mother Bulma had entrusted him with. Black Goku throws an energy blast at Trunk’s time traveling machine, which looks like Goku’s kamehameha, but instead of being blue color, it is purple. Black Goku has a purple aura around him while he is trying to sense Trunk’s ki, and realizes that Trunks has completely disappeared with his time machine. While Future Trunks is traveling in his time machine, he’s starting to remember how his girlfriend Mai told him to survive, and he was also thinking about Bulma. His arm is injured from fighting against Black Goku.

Future Trunks arrives in his time machine!

In the present time, little Trunks is struggling with math. It turns out that little Trunks, Mai, Shu, and Pilaf attend the same school. Pilaf starts to give out an interesting presentation about money and things related to math. Little Trunks became good friends with Mai, Shu, and Pifaf. Little Trunks starts to blush and he starts holding Mai by her hand. This is supposed to imply that little Trunks and Mai fall in love at a very young age. While they’re all taking their class break and eating, Future Trunks arrives in his time machine. Little Trunk’s teacher is shocked to find out that the time machine has the Capsule Corporation logo on it. Bulma then rushes to the time machine, and it still says “HOPE” on it. She asks little Trunks if the person inside that capsule has blue hair, and this is to confirm that it’s not an evil being inside of it.

Little Trunks freaks out when he sees Future Trunks!

When Bulma talks about looking for Vegeta, Pialf is like “what’s the relationship between Future Trunks and Vegeta,” and then proceeds to say that maybe Vegeta has another son that he has neglected. Little Trunks starts to really freak out when he starts to realize that Future Trunks looks a lot like him. Bulma starts to use an item that Whis gave her to communicate with him and to be able to reach Vegeta. When Bulma uses this item to call Whis, his wand starts to glow. Whis starts to tell her that he already ate and if the call is about food. She’s glad to find out that Goku is hanging out with Vegeta. Immediately, Beerus starts to say “why did you give her this device. Did you do it so she can call about stupid things.” Bulma could be very tempered and she starts yelling back at Beerus.

Little Trunks freaks out when he finds out him and Future Trunks have the same name. Goku realizes that he should give a senzu bean to Future Trunks, however, he is way too far away from planet Earth, since he’s on Beerus’s Planet. Because of this situation, Vegeta tells little Trunks to elevate his ki, so that Goku can sense it and use instant transmission to travel to earth. Goku will get the sensu bean from Master Karin. Little Trunks then transforms into super saiyan to elevate his ki and to be detectable by Goku. Whis and Beerus get excited about everything that’s going on and they decide to travel with Goku and Vegeta to earth. It’s hilarious that Whis decides to travel to earth so that he can have dinner.

At Karin’s Tower, Yajirobe starts to play music, and Karin is playing limbo. Goku teleports there and finally gets some sensu beans for Future Trunks. Black Goku is pissed off because he can’t find Future Trunks and he powers up. When Black Goku powers up, his aura color looks black. Bulma feeds the sensu bean to Future Trunks, and as soon as he wakes up, he tries to land a punch at Goku. Goku is tripping out and everyone else is shocked, and this also includes Whis and Beerus.

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