June 25, 2017
About kidgrave
Kidgrave is a big fan of the Dragon Ball series. He started this website back in 2002. His goal is to provide you with a large collection of images, news and updates, as well as episode summaries. He also likes to provide you with fast loading episodes and without annoying advertisements.

Dragon Ball Super 71 Full Episode

December 18, 2016 kidgrave 1

Due to being busy with my studies, I have not written an episode summary in quite a while. Since I’m now done with finals, these upcoming days I will be writing episode summaries for the […]

Dragon Ball Super 69 Full Episode

December 4, 2016 kidgrave 3

I hope that all of you are enjoying this episode. My internet wasn’t working for a few hours, therefore, I didn’t write an episode summary and I had posted a link as to where to […]

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