June 12, 2021

The snake way was first shown when Goku died in a battle against his brother Raditz.  He walked the Snake Way and on to King Kai’s planet for training. On the other side of Snake Way leads to the Other World. Goku falls on the bottom of the Snake Way and there he finds two guys that live in hell and than Goku tryes to find a way out because there is not really any.  After Goku asking for a way out he challenged one guy that lives in hell to a game and the other guy to a race.  Goku beat both of them and than the guy that lives in hell had to tell Goku the secret to get out of Snake Way.  Those guys that live in hell are not allowed to lye or else they would get punished by the guy that decides who goes to heaven or hell.  Snake Way is very, very long. It also curves in many directions so its pretty weird. Nothing but yellow clouds surround Snake Way. Whenever a good person loses there life, they go to snake way and on to the other world. Snake Way is shown in every single saga, except the Trunks Saga and Garlic Jr Saga.

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