February 26, 2021

My Personal Favorite. It all begins in one sunny day birds are chirping and the sky is blue. But suddenly, that blue sky is interrupted by a stream of light flying across it. While Goku was taking 4 year old son Gohan to a seven year reunion, an alien landed. That alien, was Goku’s brother Raditz. Raditz encountered Goku and explained the situation: Join me or I will kill your Son. Raditz also tells Goku about his Saiyan Race Goku is stunted of what he hears. Goku soon opposes Raditz then Raditz kidnaps Gohan and fly’s away. Goku, who was an alien but didn’t know it, denied that he had a brother. Then he is encountered by the evil Piccolo, Piccolo offers Goku to Join with him to defeat Raditz. Roshi, Bulma and Krillin are shocked by Piccolo’s Proposal, Goku accepts and They head off to fight the new imparked Saiyan. Goku and Piccolo arrive and see as Raditz is surprised to see them them, Goku hears his son in Raditz’s Saiyan Pod. The Battle starts off, Piccolo and Goku side by side, But they can not compare to Raditz, When Piccolo realizes this he uses his new move to try to defeat him, This move Piccolo learned takes some time to charge up, So that means Goku has to distract Raditz, Raditz notices how the two warriors power their Ki into their fingers as the Power Level raises, The Piccolo Launches his Mankenkosappo right at Raditz, Raditz Dodges it. Raditz gets angry and Starts to Kick their ass. Goku who is weak and tired ends up grabbing Raditz’s tail, which makes him drop down to his feet, Goku remembers this because anyone who grabbed his tail mad his whole body it really hurt. Raditz then pleas for his life, and Goku lets go. Of Course Raditz Lies and Starts to beat up on Goku. But Gohan who hears his father cries, still stays in the pod crying, Gohan feels angry and pain for his father and breaks out of the pod. Gohan launches his body at Raditz, Hurting him badly, Raditz who is angry gets ready to kill Gohan. But Just before, Goku, out of no where, gets Raditz in a full nelson (sort of) Raditz can’t break Goku’s Lock because he was weakened by Gohan’s hit. Goku tells Piccolo to shoot his Mankenkosappo at them. Piccolo then does so, killing them both. Goku sacrificed himself to save the earth. But no worries the Dragonballs can bring him back. Raditz who is just about to die then asked why Goku is so confident, Piccolo then tells him about the Dragon balls, But Raditz laughs and tells Piccolo his Message was heard by all the saiyans with scouters. Radditz tells Piccolo that Two saiyans will come to earth that are even stronger than Raditz. Piccolo then Kills him. Piccolo decides also to take Gohan and train him to control his secret power shown in the Battle with Raditz. Kami has plans for Goku though, Kami will have Goku head to be trained by the great Kaio-Sama (King Kai). So everybody Trains and prepares the Saiyans. Goku who Travels On snake way reaches Kiao-Sama, He Catches Bubbles the monkey. He then hit Gregory ( a firefly like being ) with a giant hammer. All of this he does under King kais planet which is 10x earths normal gravity. Goku completes all of his tasks and learns the spirit bomb and the Kaio-ken. Piccolo starts Gohans Training by leaving him out in nowhere and tells him he needs to survive for about a month. Gohan does so with the help of robots, dinosaurs and even some orphans. Then Gohan begins his training with Piccolo. The rest of the Z warriors ( Tien, Yamcha, Krillin, Chaotzu, and even Yajarobe ) Train under Kami. Then Goku gets ready to Travel back to Earths Checkpoint and that’s when Kiao-sama realizes Goku will be a little late for the arrival of the saiyans, so Goku races down snake way.
Then also Vegeta and Nappa Finally arrive. The Z warriors gather together they begin to fight the two aliens. As the battle starts, so do the casualties. Vegeta and Nappa’s first action was to create little green men called saibamen (or cultivars) they grow out of the ground. Yamcha is the first to die being blown to pieces by a saibaman. Krillin, enraged by the assault lets out an enourmous blast that destroys all of them. As Nappa begins to fight, he slices of Tienshinhan’s arm in an attempt to kill him. Chaotzu sacrifices himself but in result, doesn’t leave a scratch on the tyrant. Tien then kills himself, by summoning the last of his energy to avenge his buddy, but Nappa sees it at the last second and blocks it. Krillin and Piccolo almost succeed in defeating the beast, but Gohan’s first battle made him a little scared and he failed to destroy Nappa. Vegeta, learning that Goku (a.k.a. Kakarotto) is on his way, so they wait for him for 3 hours. The time soon runs out and Goku is still racing down snake way. Gohan gives Nappa a good kick in the face and he decides to kill the boy first. A massive blast is shot towards Gohan and he is unable to escape it. The only thing someone can do is get in front of the attack and and kill themselves. That someone was Piccolo and he died for the child he secretly cared so much for. Kari-sama died with Piccolo knowing Piccolo is his counterpart, and the dragon balls are gone. Nappa doesn’t stop as he approaches Gohan and is ready to finish what he started Gohan doesn’t run away and starts to face death for what it is… But suddenly, Goku finally arrives! and saves gohan from death. Carrying a senzu bean, he splits it in half and restores both Gohan and Krillin’s energy. Nappa convinced that this low class Saiya-jin will be easily defeated.

Nappa gets his ass kicked and determined to kill someone, he blasts towards Gohan and Krillin at full speed. Goku is worried that he will not reach Nappa in time to save his friend and his son, so he reveals his new attack the Kaio-Ken. In seconds he stops Nappa and brings him to his knees. Vegeta, discusted at Nappas failure, Kills his partner and him and Goku fly off to a deserted area to fight. Using the Kaio-Ken and other tactics Goku beats up Vegeta pretty bad. Vegeta pulls out his trump card, the Galick-Ho. Attempting to either destroy Goku or Earth Vegeta thrusts the ki blast towards the Ground. Goku counters the attack with a Kaio-Ken x3 KameHameHa. The forces are equal so Goku decides to use his last resort, the Kaio-Ken x4. Goku nearly destroys his body but in result the KameHameHa rains superior and Vegeta goes flying t the sky. Vegeta flys back and pulls out the cheapest move of them all, the power ball (a.k.a. artificial moon). By throwing it into the air Vegeta transforms into Oozaru (a.k.a. Big were-mokey) multiplying his strength by ten. Goku is screwed and he destracts Vegeta and charges up the Genkidama (a.k.a. Spirit Bomb) but before he gets the chance to throw it he blasted by Oozaru Vegeta and is on the ground waiting for death. Gohan, traveling home, senses something wrong and asks Krillin come to the battlesite to help his dad. Vegeta comes near Goku and smashes his leg bones into a million peices with his giant foot, Ready to smash everything else, he raises his foot. Desparate, Goku shoots Vegeta in the eye leaving him screaming in pain. Vegeta is furious and he decides to give goku a more painful death by crushing him with his hand. Just before he snaps his neck, Gohan and Krillin arrive, Gohan destract Vegeta and Krillin charges up the Kienzan (a.k.a. destructo disc) Vegeta sees right through it and jumps over the disc. Their plan failed and all they can do is watch as Gokus bones snap crackle and pop. But suddenly, out of no where, the fattest coward of them all Yajarobe, slices off Vegeta’s tail and he shrinks down to size. Vegeta is very angry (and you wouldn’t like him when hes angry) and he heads toward Gohan, punches him HARD in the stomach and picks him off of the ground by his shirt. Krillin tries to help but with one blow by Vegeta he is tossed like a rag doll. Vegeta throws Gohan next to his father and Goku pleads Gohan to get up and fight. Vegeta ends his speech by a knee to the stomach and Gohan gets the motivation to help his father.

As the half Saiya-jin and the pure blood fight to the death, Krillin gains the strength to walk over to Goku when he calls him over. Goku tells his friend that he still has the energy of earth within him and would like to give it to Krillin. Krillin takes the energy and due to Goku’s instructions, he forms it into a ball. Krillin jumps onto plateau where he can oversee Gohan and Vegeta’s battle but he is unsure when to throw it. After a small chat with Kaio-sama, Krillin realizes that if he concentraites hard enough, he’ll be able to feel when the moment is right. Gohan begins to suck, and Krillin gets the signal but the fat ass Yajarobe yells “THROW IT ALREADY!!” and Vegeta hears it. Pissed at the fat ass, Krillin still throws the Genkidama at Vegeta but he dodges it miliseconds before contact and the energy ball head towards Gohan. Goku gives Gohan a warning before the Genkidama hits him: “Gohan, you don’t have evil ki! you can bounce it back!”. Gohan thrusts his arms infront of him and the energy ball deflects off of his pure heart. The ball takes Vegeta by surprise and he is once again sent flying into the atmosphere. After Gohan and Krillin celebrate there victory by talking to Goku, Vegetas body falls to the ground again and Krillin takes a peek at it. Krillin: “He was a good opponent, I guess I should dig a grave…” Vegeta: “FOR YOURSELVES?!” Vegeta springs back to life and bitch smacks Krillin, Then he kicks him into a small mountian. He then creates an outburst of power shooting in all directions. Gohan becomes unconsious and Vegeta sees his tail. Vegeta realizes that if he were to wake then he would go Oozaru and probably kill him. So Vegeta decides to kill Gohan, but before he does he is sliced in the back by non other than Yajarobe. Vegeta still lives though and is ready to kill the fat ass. But while hes doing this Gohan awakes and looks at the power ball. Vegeta realizes he forgot something vitally important and rushes to pull off Gohan’s tail, but its too late, Gohan is a full grown Oozaru. He begins to smash everything and sight and just before he kills Yajarobe, Goku yells “GOHAN! NO! ATTACK THE SAIYAN!! HES YOUR ENEMY!!” luckily Gohan follows Goku’s voice and attacks Vegeta. Vegeta barely slices off Gohan’s Tail but Gohan’s gigantic body comes crashing towards the ground with Vegeta below him. with his last ounce of strength, Vegeta calls his ship to where ever he is at. The ship arrives and Vegeta crawls very slowly to his ship. Krillin, still able to walk, picks up Yajarobe’s sword and meets up with Vegeta just before he makes it to his ship, ready to kill. But before he can, Goku stops him and tells Krillin that people can change and Vegeta can change. Before Vegeta leaves he swears he’ll be back and he’ll finish what he started. Vegeta lifts off and Krillin regrets not killing him. Be glad that he didn’t!

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