February 26, 2021

Everyone has been wished back (except Goku because he is still alive) and everyone is happy. Freeza has been destroyed and Gohan has gone back to his studying, and Krillin is dating a girl named Marron (most of the camera angles are always focused on her breasts though) The scene switches to Garlic Jr. as he imprisons Kami in a tiny bottle and releases the “Black Water Myst” onto earth. Everyone is infected with the myst and everyone becomes crazy and begins to destroy things. Krillin and Marron are off swimming so they do not get infected and neither does Piccolo for reasons not shown. Gohan is saved by Icaris who pushes him into a small hole in the side of a mountain. Gohan, Krillin, and Marron set off back to Master Roshi’s place and find out what has happened. Gohan is attacked by Chi-Chi and then the Spice boy’s show up (Spice boys? uhg). Piccolo arrives at Master Roshi’s island and begins to fight with the Spice boy’s to protect Gohan. The Spice Boy’s let Yamcha fight Piccolo. Piccolo then order’s Gohan and Krillin to fly off to Kami’s place to get the holy water to destroy the curse of the black water myst. They do so and they arrive at Karin’s (the little cat guy that grows the senzu beans).
Marron is left at Karin’s Tower, and her stay there becomes a running gag as she tickles the cute cuddly kitty. Krillin and Gohan head towards Kami’s Lookout, during the period of Gohan and Krillin’s travel to Karin Tower and Kami’s Lookout, Piccolo is bitten by Yamacha who some-what easily beat up Picollo. Yes I know what you’re thinking, “how can a weakling like Yamacha beat up Piccolo?” with Kami trapped inside the tiny jar, Piccolo’s power was decreased and weakened. After finding out how Piccolo was changed to the Dark Side and how Garlic Jr. is his father… just kidding, Krillin and Gohan start to fight against two members of the Spice Boys. Krillin get’s pretty badly beatin. Gohan get’s very angered and power’s up and destroys the two Spice Boys. Garlic Jr. is happy of what he just saw. Piccolo gets free from the Spice Boys holding him back to not try and destroy Gohan. He runs towards Gohan and then hit’s him. They battle for a while and then right when Gohan was down for the count, and Garlic Jr. walks to Piccolo, Piccolo stop’s and says “you have been tricked”, the whole time Piccolo wasn’t infected he was just playing to get closer to Garlic Jr. After snatching the bottle from his hands and setting Kami free, Piccolo goes up against Garlic Jr. for a while. Garlic Jr., after seeing the true power of Piccolo, decides to transform.

Kami and Mr.Pop set off to find the Holy Water. The Spice Boys fight against Gohan and Krillin while Piccolo goes against Garlic Jr. Krillin gets pretty badly beaten again! and Gohan flies off to help Krillin but is interrupted by the spice boy’s. Gohan gets very enraged again and destroys them. Meanwhile, Kami and Mr. Popo take the Holy Water to the room of winds so that the water may be distributed all through the Earth quickly, and change everyone to normal. Piccolo fights against Garlic Jr. and Piccolo takes a few beatings. Garlic Jr. is about to finish Piccolo off but Gohan jumps in and Garlic Jr. begins to fight against Gohan. Through his anger of not being able to destroy Gohan, Garlic Jr. opens the Dead Zone. Meanwhile Mr. Popo has released the holy water so everyone is back to normal. Gohan puts up a KI shield so that Piccolo and Krillin do not get sucked into the Dead Zone. Piccolo tells Gohan to destroy the Makio Star (Garlic Jr.’s source of power), which is hovering over Earth. Piccolo jump’s out and start’s to stall Garlic Jr. to buy Gohan some time to power up a blast. Gohan refuses to release the shield because Krillin is still inside and if he lowers the shield Krillin will be sucked inside the Dead Zone. Krillin, knowing it was the only way to force Gohan to fire at the star, jumps out of the shield. Gohan then forces his big KI shield into a blast and fires it off towards the Makio Star. The star explodes and Garlic Jr. loses his power, and is sucked into the Dead Zone again. Once again the day is saved thanks to The Z-Fighters!

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