February 28, 2021

The second saga of Dragon ball z is the Frieza Saga. This is a very long saga. It begins after the battle with the saiyans is over and everyone is recovering. When the surviving Z gang is at the hospital Mr. Popo arrives on his magic carpet. He takes Bulma to the place where Kami-sama used to live. He shows her the spaceship Kami came from Namek on. He tells her of the dragon balls on Namek which could be used to revive their dead friends. Bulma goes to the Kame sennin’s house and gets Krillin and Gohan to come with her. Goku cannot come because of his injuries from the battle. They fly up to space on their way to Namek. On their journey there they meet rebels who are starting a Freiza resistance group. Our heroes don’t know who Freiza is but they don’t want a fight so they get directions from the fighters and leave. Another part is the dull episodes of the fake Namek. Basically two alien guys trick them with illusions and try to steal their spaceship. They escape and go to the REAL Namek. There they find Vegeta and get really scared. They call Earth and ask Goku to try and get there as soon as possible. They also discover another force: Freiza! They seem very powerful. Vegeta used to work for the Freiza group but was really mad when he found out Freiza was collecting the dragon balls.
He goes around killing Frieza’s men : Dodoria, Koori, and some others that under estimated him a great deal. Meanwhile Krillin and Gohan save a young Namek named Dende from the forces of Freiza. Dende says they should go to Guru who is the eldest Namek. He finds the Krillin’s inner power and releases it raising his power a great deal. He also gives him a dragon ball. Oh yes I forgot all of Frieza’s men’s scouters blew up because of Vegeta. Gohan earlier went to get the dragon balls. Gohan successfully gets one of the dragon balls Vegeta hid in a lake near a village he demolished. Now the Earthlings had two, Vegeta had one, and Freiza had four. Vegeta follows Krillin back to where they were hiding. ( Dende stayed with Guru.) They are all really scared. Vegeta takes the dragon ball but Zarbon, Freiza’s most powerful soldier, stops Vegeta. Freiza ordered Zarbon earlier to stop Vegeta in one hour. Vegeta just laughs his head off and tells Zarbon he couldn’t beat him if he didn’t transform. Zarbon gets furious from the remark and starts fighting. He is no match for Vegeta and remembers what Freiza said. One hour. His time was almost up. So he transformed and beats the crud out of Vegeta. He takes the unconscious Vegeta to Freiza. They put him in the tank so that he could recover his injuries and strenght. After the time is up he escapes and steals all of Freiza’s dragon balls he now had six.

He remembers the dragon ball he hid in the lake. He went to get it and goes crazy when he finds it is gone. Earlier when he encountered Gohan heasked what he was holding. Gohan told him it was just an antique watch. Vegeta was really mad. He knew what it was! It wasn’t a watch it was a dragon ball scanner!! He goes to find Gohan and is very angry. Gohan comes back and finds out what happened. Gohan meanwhile was at Guru’s getting better power. When they were out they met Vegeta and made an alliance againstFreiza. While they are gone Bulma loses the dragon ball but gets it back. Then the new alliance flies to the Earthling’s base camp and take the dragonball and leave. Freiza calls the Ginyu force to get the dragon balls. The Ginyu force are Freiza’s,super elites. I forgot. Goku left Earth on a spaceship Dr. Briefs made for him and secondly Tien, Chaiozu,,Piccolo, and Yamcha are training at King Kai’s. The Ginyu force was on their way. By the time Vegeta gets to the place all his dragonballs were hidden they were all gone. They had all seven to. They soon find out that the Ginyu force had stolen it! Guldo, Recoome, Jeice,Burter, and Captain Ginyu. The super elites each about as powerful as Vegeta. They play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors todecide who would fight first. Guldo was up first then Recoome. Guldo had the ability to freeze time and if he didn’t Gohan and Krillin would have easily killed him. Eventually he uses his mind freeze attack to freeze the Earthlings in mid-air.

Up there he unfairly beat them up. Then to finish them he uses his teleconisus to lift up a big pointy tree. He throws the tree right towards there heads but right as the tree was going to pierce their heads the tree falls. Vegeta decapitated Guldo and saved them. Vegeta reminded them that this alliance was only temporary and as soon as he got rid of Freiza he would kill them. Next came Recoome. He first attacked Vegeta who was defeated by the large brute. Then he threw Krillin head first across the ground which seriously injured the bald fighter. Gohan was furious. He fought very well but was knocked nearly to death. When all hope seems to be lost Goku comes!! He has a new symbol. (I believe it is a Goku symbol because he was training himself a lot.) He obviously trained because he took out Recoome with one blow. He gives Krillin, Gohan, and even Vegeta a senzu bean to heal them. After that Burter and Jeice try to fight Goku. Oh I forgot (I forget a lot) Captain Ginyu brought the dragon balls to Freiza. They now possessed all seven but were unable to make a wish because they didn’t know the password. Burter and Jeice are shocked to find how fast Goku is. Goku takes out Burter letting him live. He also lets Recoome live but Vegeta goes and breaks Burter’s neck and kills Recoome. Goku gets really mad at Vegeta. Meanwhile Freiza goes to Guru’s house where the only living Nameks are. Jeice escapes Vegeta and gets Captain Ginyu to come help him.

Meanwhile Freiza goes and tries to get the password out of Dende by hurting Guru. Nail ,who is a strong Namek who was sent to help the Earthlings earlier but left to help Guru ,decides to fight Freiza to buy some time for the Z fighters. Meanwhile Jeice gets Captain Ginyu. When Ginyu arrives at the scene Jeice warns him how powerful Goku is. Goku fights Ginyu awhile and is totally stronger then him. Seeing this Captain Ginyu uses his body swap with Goku. Before doing this he punches a hole in himself. Then he switches bodies. Meanwhile Nail gets beaten to a pulp. Goku is extremely weakened in Ginyu’s body because the cheating fighter injured himself so Goku could not fight him in his former body. Him and Jeice go to Freiza’s spaceship. Vegeta, Gohan, and Krillin go there to fight. When they get there they are surprised to find Goku there with Jeice. Ginyu (in Goku’s body) attacks them. They just evade him as to not hurt Goku. Soon Goku (in Ginyu’s body) comes to the scene. He tells His comrades to attack his body even though it looks like him. Vegeta kills Jeice. Goku has been switched back and is on the ground nearly dead. Ginyu tries to switch into Vegeta but right at the last second Goku throws a frog in front of the transforming beam. Thus Ginyu is a frog and a frog is Ginyu. Goku goes into a healing tank , Krillin and
Gohan put on some new armor which according to the dub is “Mondo-cool” , and Vegeta takes a nap. Dende comes and tells Gohan and Krillin the secret password. They summon the dragon which can make three wishes instead of one. The first wish is to wish Piccolo back to life. The second wish is to wish him to the planet Namek.

(Not exactly where they are standing further away.) Before they make the third wish a very mad Vegeta comes and finds them using HIS wishes. Piccolo comes upon the dying Nail and Nail begs him to fuse. After a time Piccolo agrees. They then continue towards the z gang. Vegeta is threatening Dende into asking the dragon to grant him immortality. Just when they Vegeta is about to get his wish granted Guru dies. The dragon balls disappear. Vegeta is about to kill them all when an even more mad Freiza arrives at the scene. Then the battle begins. Freiza first fights them for a small time in his first form.
Then, when the battle heats up he turns transforms to his second form. He starts chasing Krillin after the bald fighter cuts his tail off. Freiza chases him around for quite some time and eventually stabs him in the chest mortally wounding him. At this point Gohan uses a Masenko. The fighters thinks this kills him but he is not even scratched. Krillin is healed by Dende. Piccolo comes and saves Gohan from certain death. Vegeta asks Krillin to hurt him but Krillin is afraid. Vegeta says it will increase his power greatly. So reluctantly Krillin punches him. Vegeta asks Dende to heal him but the small Namek refuses. Eventually the Nail part of Piccolo tells Dende to heal Vegeta. Everyone is amazed by Piccolo’s new power; it seems he might ven be beating Freiza!. At this time Freiza transforms to his third form which is much stronger then the last. Piccolo is no match for it.

Then to show his true power he transforms to his fourth and final
form!! It is at this time we find out that Freiza destroyed planet Vegeta!! Vegeta is very angry with Furiza. Vegeta believes he is a Super Saiyan which frightens the evil villain. But Freiza shoots a beam through Vegeta which almost kills him. Then Goku comes to the rescue! Freiza is scared of his high power. Vegeta tells Goku that he must kill Freiza in the name of all saiyans. He tells Goku of his mystery past and how Freiza was holding his Father hostage and if he didn’t do everything he was told to do his Father would be killed. Even though Vegeta (in the past) did everything he told him to Freiza killed his father. Goku learns that his own Father Bardock also perished at the hands of Freiza. Vegeta starts crying. (Suprising!) After that Vegeta starts insulting Friezaza who promptly shoots a hole through Vegeta’s chest which instantly kills him. P.S. Dende was exploded by form 2 Freiza. Goku honors Vegeta and even buries him underground. Friezaza is amused. After this Goku and Freiza fight on for quite some time seemingly both the same power. But Freiza reveals Goku a secret: he had only been fighting with 10% of his true power! But Goku also had some power in reserve. (Not that much though.) Freiza charges up to 50% of his power which is
pretty hard for Goku. Goku finds out that Freiza can not sense Ki,without a scouter.

(Which is much to his advantage.) For Goku it,seems all hope is lost even though he had been using the kaioken,attack the whole time. So he decides to use his spirit bomb. Goku,is gathering energy not just from Namek but every planet from the,Namek system! Since Freiza can not sense Ki He thinks that Goku,is just doing the pose to mock him. Goku hopes he doesn’t,see it or else the whole attack will be spoiled. So just when he is about to look up Piccolo flies down and kicks Freiza in the face. Freiza looks up and notices out freaks out but is too late to do anything about the attack. The attack flies towards him and crushes him. Everyone rejoices believing the tyrant is dead but they are soon proved wrong. Freiza flies up battered up and shoots Piccolo in the chest with a beam which was meant for Goku. (That’s the second time he’s saved a member of the Son family!) Luckily he is alive by a thread. Next Freiza lifts up Krillin with his powers high into the are and explodes him. (It’s a big bloody mess.) Goku is enraged and goes Super Saiyan! (This is not because of Krillin’s death but the death of so many others too.) Gohan is told to leave. Freiza is very afraid. If Goku wanted to he could have just killed him then and there. Instead he wants to see Freiza’s maximum power.

So Freiza goes up to maximum power. Bulma and the Ginyu frog have some crazy adventures. Ginyu switches to Bulma and back to frog again after trying to steal Piccolo’s body. Bulma runs back to the spaceship. After being nearly beaten Freiza directs an attack towards Namek in an attempt to kill Goku. The planet will blow in a matter of minutes and Goku is too far from any spaceship to escape Namek!! Then King Kai comes up with an idea. First (on Earth) they wish everyone who died at the hands of
Freiza back to life. Then everyone is revived and are afraid because the planet is gonna blow! There is one more wish. King Kai tells Dende to wish everyone except for Goku to Earth. It is done. So him and Freiza fights and Goku tells Freiza that in trying to kill him he has nearly zero Ki left. So he lets Freiza go to live a life free of evilness. But Freiza uses this as another opportunity to kill Goku. So he throws a Kienzan. (For
watchers of American version a Destructo Disk.) Two of them actually. Goku flies around but can’t lose them so he flies right by Freiza so Freiza is chopped in half.

Goku leaves Freiza because there is only half of him left but once again when Goku leaves he shoots a beam at him. Goku is very mad and just kills
him. Goku frantically searches for Freiza’s spaceship and finds it. He looks for the controls but they are dead! The planet blows with Goku on it! Did Goku survive? Of course he did! But we don’t see him for a while. Meanwhile back on Earth the Guru dies but before he does he appoints a new Eldest Namek.
Everything is happy back on Earth and even the Nameks are enjoying themselves. Since the Namek dragonballs are there they wish back Krillin ,Yamcha , Tien, and Chiaozu. They try to wish back Goku but he is still alive but during that time hes learning a move called the instant transmission on another planet. With the instant transmission Goku could teleport anywhere.

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