June 12, 2021

blackstardragonballsThe Black Star Dragon Balls were the original Dragon Balls. However, due to their immense power, Kami hid them deep inside of the Look Out Tower. They were are also the most important plot setter in the GT series and this is what sets everything off. Unfortunately, Pilaf, Shu, and Mai make their way up to the lookout in climbing robot suits. When they finally reach the top, they head straight for one thing. Deep inside the lookout, they find a set of Dragon Balls, which Pilaf explains were created by the original God of Earth before he split his body into two forms, evil and good, Piccolo and Kami. Moreover, they are much more powerful then the normal Dragon Balls. The first and only wish granted by Shenron, was from Pilaf. However, this wish was not intentional. Pilaf was hoping to finally gain world domination and wastes no time in calling out Shenron. The Red Shenron of the Black Dragon Balls is summoned and the sky turns dark. Goku notices the change in sky color and decides to investigate things. At the source of the commotion, he finds Pilaf and the others along with the set of Dragon Balls. Not wanting his plan foiled, Pilaf has Shu and Mai shoot missiles at Goku from their robot suits. Goku easily stops the attack, sending Pilaf into a rage. Not thinking he shouts out, “I wish you were a kid again so I could beat you up.”

Now being all powerful, there has to be a catch and sure enough it is quite a big one. The Black Star Dragon Balls are scattered all over the Universe after their use. But the big catch is that they must be returned to the planet they were used on, one year after being used, and if failed, the planet they were used on would explode. This leads onto a trip into space to find these Dragon Balls. As usual Chi-Chi is crying and does not want Goku to go along, but Goku insists it is fine. Pan offers to go along but Goku does not want little children getting in his way, which leads to Pan storming off in a tantrum. Vegeta comes up with the idea of taking Goten And Trunks. Trunks jumps at the chance of getting out of the business for a while and going on an adventure, while Goten is skeptical about missing all the girls. The space ship starts to launch. As they are getting ready, Goten receives a call from his girlfriend and stands there talking to her for awhile. Goku and Trunks board the ship. Inside the ship, Pan has hidden herself inside the cockpit and is waiting for the others to enter. Once Goku and Trunks enter the ship, Pan says that there is no way they would leave without her and she presses the ignition switch. The ship blasts off leaving Goten behind and forming an unlikely crew on the search for the Black Star Dragon Balls.

Black Star Dragonball Description: The Black Star Dragon Balls are a little smaller than the original Dragon Balls, but have one big difference in appearance. The stars are black instead of the original color white. Each set of Dragon Balls has its own Dragon. And sure enough, the Black Star Dragon Balls have one, too, and he shares his name with the original Dragon Shenron. This dragon is much bigger and seems evil, like in comparison to the other Shenron. The other main difference other than size, is that the Black Star Dragon is red in color and almost looks to be transparent. His appearance may be due to the overwhelming power he possesses.

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