June 13, 2021

Do you need stable web hosting?

linux debian hosting

Secret Saiyan is offering web hosting for a little as $5 a month. Below is a list of what you’ll be getting:

5 GB Disk Space
300 GB of bandwidth
10 domains of your own that you can add
10 e-mails

Are you tired of hosting providers that have down times? Don’t you want to have a peace of mind knowing that your website will be up without issues while you are asleep or traveling? Aren’t you sick and tired submitting tickets and waiting for super long responses? Do you run a Word Press website and want it to be responsive?

My online nickname is kidgrave and I am going to tell you a few things. My website Secret Saiyan can easily go a year without any downtime. I mentioned that to inform you that you will have very stable hosting. By stable hosting, I mean to say that your website will be responsive and you can go to sleep with a peace of mind that your website will be running fine. And if you need help with migrating your website to my server, or things like setting up your e-mails, databases for Word Press, I will go to very great lengths to ensure things are working for you. By the way, I have 8 years of experience with Linux and I am very competent at running a server. Debian Linux is the operating system that I use for my servers. It’s the same operating system that Google uses.

Here is a list of websites that I am currently hosting:


Here’s the contact e-mail:

[email protected]

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Kidgrave is a big fan of the Dragon Ball series. He started this website back in 2002. His goal is to provide you with a large collection of images, news and updates, as well as episode summaries. He also likes to provide you with fast loading episodes and without annoying advertisements.

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