August 7, 2020

Secret Saiyan is back online!

Yup, Secret Saiyan is finally back online! And I want to say thank you for everyone who has patiently been waiting for the come back of this website.

Not all of the episodes are back online and it will take a while to upload all of them. For now, only episodes 90-131 are the ones that got uploaded and that are online for you to stream.

It was a lot of shit that I had to do to bring SS back online. First, I had to install Debian Linux as a Virtual Server. Then I had to install a control panel to access the server and change the default ports and configure my firewall. After installing the control panel, I had to modify a few configuration files, and it’s never fun to be uploading and setting up MySQL databases. Once I finished setting up my new web server, I had to upload the website and create a lot of new pages for many of the episodes that I wasn’t able to post there when I was looking for an offshore server. It took a pretty damn long time to upload some of the episodes. I started getting a headache once I tried to install an image gallery script because it kept giving me some weird errors, but luckily I manually fixed them and all is working on my website. By the way, if any of you need reliable and affordable hosting for your website, please let me know.

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