November 29, 2021

Dragon Ball Super episode 66, 67 best Secret Saiyan predictions

So till episode 65 we all have seen that there would be a further fight between the fusion Zamasu and Goku -Vegeta super saiyan blue. When saiyans first combine to form Vegito, then tried Vegito supersaiyan blue. This episode ended by Goku delivering a big splash of Kehameha on the fusion Zamasu. Here is a detailed, easy and best prediction of the coming episode 66!

The episode will start as Goku’s Kamehameha being hit on fusion Zamasu. This will really make Zamasu understood that there is still power left in saiyans. His half side will be converted into a purple beast and the rest half will be as same as it is now . With his half side melted he appears to be weaker, but he will cover that with some lightening like power move. Toei animation will not miss the scenes of the distruction on the earth and the tiny human beings doing messy things covering all the important time of the episode. Trunks will be recover Goku and Vegeta with senzu beans. Goku will remember that he can fuse with Vegeta to form Vegito. Vegeta take some time to decide and finally agrees to fuse. They will take supreme kai’s Potaras .

Episode will not be containg much fight between Zamasu fusion and Vegito. Because of the update toei animation is planning to fit. This would be that Vegito will be a formation of limited time. Still there would be a few nice attacks of Vegito. Now there would be a match for fusion Zamasu. The beast form Zamasu will be very powerful . Vegito will be punching Zamasu on his face when there would be big explotion from the eyes of beast Zamasu. Our heroes will understand that they have to do something more than this to kill Zamasu.
After some fight they would be running out of time and will be returned to their normal sperate forms. Zamasu will be just killing them when trunks will arrive there.
Now at this point either trunks will help Goku and Vageta fight Zamasu or trunks will get into a rage and then will be killing Zamasu like he killed freeza!

This episode will surely show the end of Zamasu’s story and future trunks arc.

Episode 67

This episode will just contain fusion Zamasu dieing by future trunks sword and the farewell of Goku and others, going back to past. After this episode new sec will start in dragon ball super’s story.

Share your views on the next episode or having doubt on any point in prediction?
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  1. This episode will be containing a big twist. Probably trunks can get more powerful.
    Future trunks arc started in episode 47 and will be ending in episode 67. That means Zamasu will be dieing shortly!

    • Black Goku was not immortal, it was Zamasu who was immortal. Toei animation can bring the fusion Zamasu back after sometime . Because they the self seems to be confused. And in the episode Gowasu mentioned that fusion Zamasu can be killed because his one side is of black Goku who is mortal being. So if black dies than ultimately Zamasu will be dead too.

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