January 17, 2017

When it comes to hosting, everyone’s website has different needs. Everyone has different budgets and different expectations of customer service. You may ask yourself as to why you should be hosted by Secret Saiyan. I, kidgrave, will explain why hosting is being offered by Secret Saiyan. I’m not trying to start a hosting business, and I don’t have the time for that. What I am offering in terms of hosting is going to be very flexible, negotiable, and this is because the money will be used to invest it in server hardware. This is a very popular website and one that gets a lot of traffic. Hardware is not cheap or free. A server does use up things like a CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. It also costs electricity to have a server running 24/7. Therefore, I just want to host a few websites to keep Secret Saiyan going.

You may be asking yourself “why should I be hosted by Secret Saiyan, since I can buy hosting for $3-5 bucks a month?” Yes, you can buy cheap hosting like that, but that’s usually shared hosting. In most cases, you do get what you pay for. There’s a problem with shared hosting. When you have a shared hosting plan, your website is on a server where there’s hundreds of other websites. If one of those websites starts making the server load slow, it will slow down your website. If another website on that server gets attacked, it will affect your website. Just think about it! The more websites there are in a server, the less beneficial it is for you. Websites also use up things like RAM and CPU, so even though a lot of companies will promise you a lot of bandwidth, you’ll have problems the moment your website starts to slow down a server. Scripts like Word Press and forums use up quite a bit of resources. Trust me, Word Press is not a lightweight script! Furthermore, a lot of servers still use hard drives and too many websites can slow down the speed of it. My server actually has an SSD, though. If a servers IP gets black listed, it will affect your website, so that’s another thing to think about.

A lot of hosting companies use Apache, which doesn’t handle websites as good as Nginx. I actually use Nginx on my servers and the performance is amazing! When you run into a problem with hosting company, you have to submit a ticket. Sometimes you can get a response right away, have to wait for hours, or maybe two days. Even if you get a response, it may not be something that solves your current problem. If I host you and you run into a problem, I will get back at you as soon as possible, and I will not be giving you some crazy excuse, like the ones used by hosting companies to keep you as a customer. Back in 2002-2005, I had many problems with different hosting companies, and I would want you to have a satisfying experience with hosting. Basically, you’ll get to just focus on your site and not have to worry about it going slow or having down times.

When it comes to my server’s operating system, I use Ubuntu, which is a very popular Linux distribution. Yes, I am familiar with using CentOS and Debian. Ubuntu is pretty good, and even Wikipedia uses it! When it comes to control panels, I do not use CPanel. I know that control panel is great, but it is not a must. However, it is a popular choice among many hosting companies and it is expensive to purchase a licence for CPanel. Since I don’t pay to use Cpanel, I use a very good open source control panel, which is easy and very intuitive to use, and I can help you setup your e-mails, databases, or similar issues of that nature.

Secret Saiyan never goes down, but only with the exception of certain updates, for example, updates related to the kernel. These major updates are done about every two months or so. The server only goes down once out of every two months, and the downtime only lasts about 43 seconds. I believe this is a good reason for you to be at ease when you start to decide for me to host your website.

At the end of the day, do you really want to support a company that is just trying to profit from you, or would you rather be hosted by someone honest like me, who is willing to really work with you to make your website happen? Your website will not be in a crowded server, therefore, you can be assured that it will be running efficiently! If you’re serious of being hosted by me, send me an e-mail with the subject saying “host me.” In the message, give me the URL of your domain name.

e-mail: [email protected]