July 18, 2018

DB Super Episode 71 prediction: Goku vs Hit again! Spoilers

Hey guys, it’s Secret Saiyan predictions back again after a three week break, which was just due to a series of non-interesting episodes. As of now, we have a very interesting and nice upcoming episode in front of us, so here is the best Secret Saiyan prediction.
DB super episode 70 ended up with a baseball match between the sixth and seventh universe. This episode can be actually called comedy when compared to the previous episodes. Champa and Yamcha have played a important part in this episode.

Based on the thirty seconds preview clip of next episode, we are providing a prediction. All the predictions and Dragon Ball super story is copyrighted to their owners only.

The title of the episode is ” The death of Goku! The guaranteed assassination mission “
This episode will be really really fabulous. This episode will start with Chichi commanding Goku to go to the market and buy some food. After some shopping when Goku returned home, he didn’t find anyone anywhere. He searched all the places, even in the main hole and the lone streets. Then, Gohan and Goten will find Goku, and will tell him that his life is in danger. They will tell Goku that some assassin is coming after him to kill him. There will be scenes of Hit arriving on earth and walking through busy places. This episode will also solve the biggest mystery as to who hired Hit to kill Goku. This man is the new villain of the anime. He is blue and he has got him bodyguards up too.

Hit is looking for Goku, and Goku is looking for him as well. There will not be much fight. In the next frame, Goku will be shown dead😠. Gohan will then have found his father’s dead body and he will start crying in the deafness of sadness😵. The fire of anger and revenge will provide him some overwhelming power. He is now ready to fight Hit. From the last few episode we were shown that Gohan is training with Piccolo. In the Cell Saga, Gohan was a center of attraction but when the dragon ball super series started Gohan lost his importance and that’s why the next episode will revive Gohan’s lost respect. Gohan will fight hit and can even revenge his father’s death. Hit is a really strong guy and at 4:44 minutes in the episode 70 Champa said “getting in touch with Hit is a pain in the butt,” and that proves that Hit is really strong and even Gods are aware of him. Whatever may happen, all the coverage will be here at Secret Saiyan so guys just chill till the next episode!

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