June 19, 2018

Dragon Ball Super Episode 40 Full Episode and Summary


This episode continues where things left off in episode 39. The previous episode left off where Goku transforms into super saiyan god, does the kaioken and blasts a kamehameha at Hit. Hit was able to dodge Goku’s kamehameha because he used a technique called kioteki. Kioteki is a technique that’s supposed to momentarily freeze an opponent, and this helped Hit avoid being hit by Goku’s kamehameha. Champa was trying to find a way to help Hit win the match, but Cabba told him to don’t interfere.  Champa said that the rest of the tournament members are just pieces of his game and that he’s only interested in beating his brother Beerus in a duel. Hit looks at Champa with an angry face and Champa starts to look scared. Vados doesn’t want anyone interfering in the battle between Goku and Hit, and wants to see the battle until the end.

Goku and Hit start to power up and charge against each other. Hit manages to jump longer through time and lands a lot of punches against Goku, and a very powerful one on his stomach.  All of these punches make Goku lose his kaioken transformation, but this is only temporary because Goku right away goes back into kaioken. This time, Goku lands a few punches on Hit’s face and sends him flying.

Both Goku and Hit seem very exhausted. Goku asks Beerus to eliminate all of the rules from the tournament.  Goku asks for this request because he thinks Hit wouldn’t fight serious with the tournament rules.  Hit is able to fight more seriously when he is able to assassinate. Champa decides that he no longer wants any tournament rules, but Beerus wants them. This disagreement causes Champa and Beerus to argue for a while. While both Beerus and Champa are arguing, Goku decides to step out of the tournament, and decides that he should fight Hit some other time.

Beerus gets really angry and yells at Goku for mentioning anything about the rules and for steeping outside of the arena. Now it’s Monaka’s turn to fight against Hit. Goku really believes that Monaka is the strongest from Universe 7. Monaka throws at punch at Hit and sends him flying. Monaka wins this match, which means the team from Universe 7 has won this tournament. Goku thanks the Galactic King for telling him about Hit being able to jump through time. Goku shakes one of his tentacles, but it turns out to be the penis of Galactic King.

Champa starts to threaten to kill Hit and everyone else who let him down. Champa just keeps on ranting about how Hit could hold off his promise and how the rest should feel destruction. Before this episode ends, both Champa and Beerus get surprised when they see an individual named Zeno-sama stepping on the tournament platform.

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  1. Makes sense why Goku didn’t win the battle since Monaca hadn’t fought yet and he was “supposed” to be the strongest of the Universe 7. Wasn’t the greatest episode as nothing exciting really happened, but I am very curious to know now who are those new characters that showed up in the end and to know what wish Beerus is going to make now that the dragon balls will be in his possession since his team won the tournament. Also, I want to see the new dragon! Therefore, I can’t wait for next Saturday to keep on watching!

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